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Stickman Master for Android is an offline stick- style game with an interesting dark style, combining the best features of action games and role-playing games , giving players dramatic battles but also extremely fun .

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Fight like a true hero and become the Dark King in the Stickman Master game

Coming from Unimob , developer of many funny action games such as Stickman Ghost: Ninja Warrior , Demon Warrior and Legend Guardians , Stickman Master is a new role-playing game of the company, promising to bring gamers to human battles. Stick funny, humorous but no less dramatic.

Plunge into battles with dark forces, you will face many evil zombies, evil monsters and mighty enemies. Get ready to become the bravest stickman hero in Stickman Master: League Of Shadow and become the Dark King!

Download Stickman Master game for Android

Fight till the end️

Transform into a brave dark warrior in the fun role-playing game Stickman Master for Android , players need to control stickman heroes to fight, defend and use swords to kill zombies and monsters in each level. Remember, enemies will appear relentlessly and they will constantly attack whenever you see you. Not only do you have to face normal monsters, you also have to fight to survive against the evil bosses with tremendous damage and dangerous skills. The legendary battlefield in the RPG game Stickman Master Android is open to welcome you.

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Countless special items and powerful skills

Enjoy many upgrade options for stickman heroes and explore the rich arsenal of Stickman Master for Android action games! To fight against the most dangerous demons, the stickman warrior will need more powerful weapons, armor and accessories. Take immediate action and burn the world of darkness with the great sword, bow and hammer!

Become the most powerful warrior in the world

Lead your brave ninja warriors to the top of their glory by fighting smart and clever. Choose the right items and bring the great stickman heroes to the supreme position of the land of darkness.

Graphic design and great effects

Players will be amazed at the attractive graphics and sound effects of the Stickman Master game . Become a silent dark assassin, take the great sword, shoot archery, use hammers and chop down monsters, crush bosses in the epic darkness battle to receive many valuable rewards!

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Outstanding features of the game Stickman Master for Android

  • 36 levels corresponding to 3 world maps and 4 battle modes from easy to difficult.
  • 3 dark bosses and more than 10 types of aggressive monsters (will be updated in the future).
  • Rich bonus system each time you complete unique quests.
  • The system provides equipment, weapons for shadow ninjas can be customized.

Download the Stickman Master game for Android now and immerse yourself in unforgettable battles!

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