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With StickIt! You can cut the background out of the photo fastest, easiest and most creative. Cropped images can be used to apply different effects, combine with other backgrounds or save for future use.

Some additional features in recent versions of StickIt:

  • Add photo search feature on the Web
  • Fix the error back to the main screen after inserting pictures
  • Support large screen tablet
  • Support horizontal and vertical flip
  • Improved performance when resizing stickers
  • Support for many phones, tablets
  • Fix crashes when changing the background
  • Add colors to the outline sticker

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Key features of StickIt for Android:

Easy and smart cutting

Easily cut parts out of your photos! Simply draw a few lines around the object you want to cut, soon, it will be “recognized” magically. Sections are processed by an edge-tuning algorithm that produces high-quality cut images.

Surreal sticker effect

You can create shadow effects or contour effects for the cropped image. Cut images will become actual Sticker stickers. The stickers will be more realistic if you apply professional “peeling” effect. Other filters are also very easy to use.

No creativity restrictions

You can change backgrounds or insert cropped photos with different colors and patterns. In addition, you can also type or anything to create professional stickers. Save current progress for later editing.

How to use StickIt! – Photo Sticker Maker For Android:

After downloading StickIt from the direct link or from the Apk file from and launching the application, you will see a screen including function buttons: Camera, Album, Pattern, Project. Click on Album to select one of the photos you want to make a sticker and start using the smart cutting tool in StickIt: draw white lines inside the object you want to cut (create bone Sticker) >> draw black lines outside the object want to cut (draw so that the black border does not touch the object) >> the object will be automatically recognized, but if an error occurs to correct it you can draw more hint directions whenever possible: use the function back feature or eraser tool. For a perfect image you should cut carefully and in detail using the Zoom and FG Paint functions >> touch NEXT to complete the cut.

How to fix the cut sticker: first, choose the style for the Sticker (select the border) >> change the properties of the border (color, size, shadow) by clicking the “Outline” button >> apply the set Filter and balance (you can choose one of many available filters) and brightness, contrast for Stickers.

You can also change the wallpaper for the stickers, select Fill >> select the background from the photo album or click on Color / Pattern to select the available color and background.

Add characters and images by clicking the + image icon above the screen to select the function to add photos, characters or draw freely.

Please note, the StickerIt photo making app for Android supports download and free use. However, it also contains some items that require real-money purchases, such as buying additional high-end filters. You can disable purchases in your device installer.

Refer to the Introduction Video and user guide of StickIt below:

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