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Stick War 3D – Fun shooting game of stress relief rods

After working with the skillful stickman in Stickman Hook , crashing in Turbo Dismount 3D and fighting like stubborn warriors at Stickman Warriors 3D , continue the story with Stick War 3D. This is a fun first-person shooter game , which has an effective stress relief effect that is extremely simple and easy to play. Your goal this time is still the guy who sticks with unique shaping. Shoot, kill stickman and complete the goal in each level!

Game bắn súng diệt người que tuyệt hay - Stick War 3D
Stick War 3D – Stick War 3D

Stick War 3D allows a free experience on Windows 10. This is a fascinating action shooter. Hold the gun, aim and shoot the target with accurate shots. Despite the image of gore and shooting, the reality of Stick War 3D PC is not as violent as The Last Survivor, so anyone can experience this fun game!

Thể hiện đẳng cấp của 1 xạ thủ bắn tỉa chuyên nghiệp
Express the level of a professional sniper sniper

In Stick War 3D game , you can actively pursue the target or wait until the queer appears in front of the viewfinder to eliminate them. The que always have secret missions and the waiting time has ended. Hurry up! Many waves of fierce attacks of new people carrying dangers will come towards you. As a sniper assassin, your mission is to clean the stickman army and save the world!

Bắn súng góc nhìn thứ nhất để hạ gục toàn bộ đám người que
Shoot first-person shooter to take down all the sticks

Each shot fired will have its own value. In this world surrounded by aggressive warriors, players will play the world-class sniper assassin Damien Walker and Ron Hawkings rifle expert in a series of missions to assassinate rods to protect the world. This is a fast paced battle and you have to be so alert, focused to eliminate the queens who are plotting to take over the world!

Gameplay đậm chất hành động với tiết tấu nhanh, khẩn trương
Gameplay is full of action with fast tempo and urgency

Each task requires a separate approach but the outcome is the same: each horde of queers lay motionless on the floor. Can you handle this difficult mission?

Bắn súng tiêu diệt stickman và giải cứu thế giới
Shooting to destroy stickman and rescue the world

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