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Steam is an online entertainment platform for gamers, giving them the ability to connect to huge game data from trial play demos, free games to buy games and all the information around The hottest games around the world.

Download Steam for MAC Interface of the Steam online game update application

Gamers everywhere in the world with famous games such as Counter Strike (CS), Left 4 Dead or recently called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II must be no stranger to Steam – a Software used to manage licenses in-game systems. However, what the Steam concept is for many babbling newcomers to enter the gaming path is probably still quite strange.

Benefits of Steam online game purchase service

  • Play any game you like from Steam’s 2,000-game library, just buy that game and download it and play it.
  • Join the Steam community Meet players, join group games, chat in the game.. With over 40 million users you can have lots of options to add you (or opponents)
  • Create and share Gifts or items, even creating new content for the game that can be easily shared in Steam Workshop. Your favorite game will be created by you.
  • Entertainment anywhere Whether you’re on a PC, a Mac, a mobile device or even while watching TV (internet), you can enjoy the benefits available on Steam.
  • Connect easily to all game servers and automatically update the latest patch versions for the game.
  • Regularly receive incentives from Steam Discount with upcoming games, free trial week, discounts on holidays..

Benefits of Steam The benefits that Steam brings to gamers

Get familiar with the Steam online gaming tool

Steam changes the way you buy and play games, instead of going to the game store or ordering a disc on the Internet and waiting for the disc to be returned. Now you just need to log into Steam to buy the game you like and just download it and play. Steam provides you with the most popular and new titles ever, bringing access to copyrighted games to Vietnamese users, and quickly providing demos and trailers of upcoming games.

Steam game community

Maybe you already know Garena login Garena, chat chit, set up Dota play room.. then Steam also has many similarities. But the Steam community is much bigger with 13 million Steam users around the world. Moreover, with Steam, you easily know where your friends are and what games to play.. Steam currently offers thousands of games with many games voted and introduced regularly thanks to the help of the Greenlight system. Steam members can vote if they want a specific game to be released. They can also visit Steam game sites to give feedback and comments about the game. As a Steam user, you can get a lot of benefits from it like automatically getting updates for all installed games. The latest information on these games is also updated, streamlined to be accessible with one click.

Deal on Steam Steam provides information on regular discount games for gamers

In addition to news and updates, users also receive information about products added to the desired list, which helps catch up on game discounts, can own favorite games for money. less than. In short, Steam is a rich entertainment platform for gamers, it is very easy to use and offers many benefits from finding a game, playing games to getting discounted game information. favorite.

Requires Steam installation system

  • Operating system: Windows XP or higher
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Processor: 1GHz or more
  • Free hard drive capacity: 1GB
  • Broadband Internet connection.

New features of Steam

Steam 14.06.2019

Overall change

  • Fixing mouse cursor errors is sometimes displayed incorrectly, mainly in the system tray menu.
  • After workshop updates, “View News” on the download panel will navigate to the list of registered items, not news items for the game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Steam interface and some Steamwork games to sometimes have trouble with performance when having a friend list or the number that blocked you.
  • Fix bugs and make many other improvements.

In-Game Overlay

  • Fixed a bug where overlay Big Picture shows an unusual title pixel when using the Vulkan Graphics API.
  • Fix mouse cursor errors that disappear continuously when surfing through a certain window (full-screen video) causing the mouse input to not work in overlay until restarted.
  • The full-screen view in the chat window is now displayed in the chat window, not the full-screen window above the top of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard event sent incorrectly when in the browser window.
  • Fixed a black window display error in overlay in the title using the Vulkan graphical API.
  • Steam-Home Streaming (also called Steam Remote Play): Steam In-Home Streaming has been widely tested and is now called Steam Remote Play. Steam clients can now stream games from anywhere with good network connectivity at both ends and near the Steam data center.
  • Change the name of In-Home Streaming to Remote Play.
  • Steam Link devices pair the hours displayed in the Remote Play settings section.
  • Now users can move the entire Steam Link paired device.
  • Fix the client stream game from PC to PC crashes when users press alt-tab.
  • Add network status icon to signal low network connection.

Steam Input

  • The developer will download the Steam Input configuration during the game installation for the user.
  • Save control range for Switch control after calibration.
  • Redesign Controller Options screen to show better device options.
  • Fixed an issue that did not display some of the game’s official configuration in the corresponding browser.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Steam to open Big Picture mode immediately when connecting a Steam Controller via a wireless receiver.
  • Fix some haptic mode errors or rumble skip on/off settings and user-level settings.
  • Added support for the Astro C40 PS4 controller.

New interface Steam


  • Update privacy policy.
  • Improved error messages when playing 64-bit games on 32-bit OS versions.
  • Improve game download and installation speed when storing on external hard drives.
  • Improved error message when unable to open the game with the lock code.
  • Add a link to the support page in Change Password.
  • Fix hanging error when starting Steam.
  • Fixed a problem displaying the game name incorrectly on the friends list.
  • Improve navigation when using the Steam control panel with the Oculus Touch controller
  • Upgrade the stream feature with broadband options for 4K quality.
  • Automatically restart Steam if the program hangs while streaming games.
  • Support NvFBC with the latest NVIDIA driver.
  • Visit the music settings page in Settings
  • Fix many Web tabs open in the browser when clicking any link.
  • Fix the screen capture error in the Vulkan platform game.
  • Improved control system and setting.

Other new features

  • Fix Steam exit case while loading game causing error.
  • Update Chromium to fix a newly discovered security vulnerability in handling PDF files.
  • Fixing download speed errors can display a large unreasonable number.
  • Fixed a bug with losing the Workshop content when the game was removed and reinstalled later.
  • Fix error when changing window size.
  • The update dialog will not turn on when you are playing
  • Fix performance-related cases when running the Vulkan application on AMD hardware.
  • Improve performance and reduce latency when streaming the Vulkan application.
  • Added initial support for viewing stereo screenshots in VR
  • Add alert messages when launching VR games with compatible headsets.
  • Adding settings on each game allows non-Steam games to be displayed in the VR library.
  • Fixing the cause of the running application is exited when the Desktop tab is selected in the VR control panel.
  • Fix the Use Desktop Game Theater installation error does not work for games not in Steam.
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