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Starship Battle for Android is a real-time strategy game based on science fiction , allowing you to control spaceships in endless space, conquer a series of planets and duel with 30 other commanders. from around the world.

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Starship Battle has a similar gameplay to Red Siren: Space Defense . With over 100 levels to explore, you can gather rich resources and build a variety of spacecraft. Experience the intense battle with 30 other commanders across the Starship Battle universe for Android .

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Test your skills in the Android Starship Battle shooter as a spaceship commander! Team up from different warships to maximize strategic efficiency. Try to collect items in battle, they will increase the attack power, defense, recovery for spacecraft and help you improve your chances of winning. Defeat bosses to receive unique rewards such as gems, new crew, …

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Outstanding features of the game Starship Battle for Android

Many attractive game modes

  • Try or sharpen your skills in real-time 1v1, 5v5 real-time PvP battles and defeat all opponents.
  • Experience the one-on-one fight in the dramatic Survival mode.
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Travel across the universe and collect resources

  • Conquer planets or participate in PvP battles to gain minerals and oil and gas.
  • Building export processing zones and expanding ore mines to exploit resources.
  • Collect resources more efficiently by employing skilled skilled ore miners.
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Upgrade skills to enhance the ability to attack, defend, hide for battleships

  • Improve the spacecraft and upgrade many parts to improve your chances of winning the space war.
  • Craft and customize a great battleship of your style from 43 unique spacecraft options.
  • Create offensive or defensive battleships based on your tactics.
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Use warships effectively to contribute to perfect tactics

  • Form a fleet from your spacecraft and put them into battle.
  • A team can have a maximum of 3 fixed battleships and a ship may vary depending on the situation.
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Languages supported:

Korean, English, Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, Malay, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Vietnam.


  • Your Starship Battle game data will be backed up on Google Cloud Save.
  • Deleting an application means erasing all data.

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