Download Star Trek Timelines for Windows

In Star Trek Timelines role-playing strategy game, players will choose the team that suits them carefully and explore the vast universe. This is a free game that includes many attractive features that take the unique science fiction context.

Download Star Trek Timelines for Windows 1 Main interface of Star Trek Timelines role-playing strategy game for computers

Choose your team and complete the missions in the universe

Star Trek Timelines is a free strategy game that requires players to become part of the Star Trek universe, using their teams to perform dangerous missions and deal with many evil factions. Players have the right to collect new members for the team and improve their skills during the game. Players need to familiarize themselves with the typical form of a free game, such as seeing many in-game payment requests.

Adventure in Star Trek’s tactical role-playing game Timelines begins with the basic game tutorial, mainly about gameplay and requires players to click on many things for minutes. After that, the player is free to choose quests and fly throughout the galaxy to find items and overcome dangerous situations. Of course, the most important thing to do is to choose the right team that can accomplish the task well. It’s great to know that all of the favorite TV show characters appear in the game.

Download Star Trek Timelines for Windows 2Select characters from Star Trek Timelines role-playing strategy game for computers

Explode enemy spaceships in battle

Although the Star Trek Timelines free battle strategy games are all designed in 3-dimensional space, one thing worth noting is that players are not really free to move as desired. All the players can do is wait for the battle to take place and click on certain characters to use their special abilities. Thus, players do not necessarily need to perform many operations.

Graphically, since the free strategy game for PC Star Trek Timelines is adapted from the mobile version, everything is kept relatively simple. The interface of this strategy game is also designed to run smoothly on the touch screen, but if you use a mouse, you will not encounter any problems. The payment request in the game does not appear too much so players are never forced to buy anything, unless you really want to “burn the stage” and move faster in the free Star strategy game. Trek Timelines.

A great strategy game that helps players entertain whenever they have free time

In short, though the free Windows Star Trek Timelines strategy game does not introduce many new ideas, there is a fun enough game mechanism for players to feel excited for a certain period of time. Moreover, players will feel very excited when they can unlock new characters and complete attractive tasks during the game discovery process.

Download Star Trek Timelines for Windows 3Perform missions in the process of playing Star Trek Timelines role-playing strategy game for computers

Star Trek Timelines configuration requirements

  • Windows 7 operating system (32 bit)
  • Processor 1.5 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM memory
  • Integrated graphics (512 MB)
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • 1 GB of free space available

Note : Star Trek Timelines role-playing strategy game has been released for free for Windows operating system via Steam. First install Steam for the computer, then download Star Trek Timelines to immerse yourself in the vast space now.

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