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You own a modest height and are looking for a solution to fix this? Spring for Android is the app for you!

True to its name, Spring – Increase height has the ability to add springs to the legs, helping users to have long, long legs . In particular, this program also uses the unique foot technology, helping to balance the body ratio, so you can both increase height and own an ideal body . Don’t be afraid to take photos any more.

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Users can download and use Spring – Increase height for Android for free and easily .

First, the program will ask you to choose the photo source:

  • Select Load photo to access and use photos available on the machine.
  • Click Take photo to take a new photo. Take a picture via the camera on the camera, select OK and use the photo you have just taken or click Cancel to take it again until you like the picture. Keep in mind that when shooting, you should balance the upper body, it is best to hold the camera upright, shoot from afar or shoot from the bottom to help increase the height.

Using any option, Spring – Increase height will also open an editing screen. In it, press the blue Spring button in the middle to display a scroll bar on the right of the screen . You can move this slider up and down to change the proportions for the legs. Pulling up higher, the legs will be smaller and more compact, and users will look much higher than reality. Conversely, you can also drag the slider low to make your legs shorter and fatter .

After obtaining a satisfactory image, click the checkmark / floppy disk in the right corner of the screen to save the image . This image will be saved to the library by default. You can browse and post on social networks easily.

Hurry up and install Spring – Increase height for Android and own perfect body photos.


To install applications for Android from you need to set up a device that can install applications not located on Google Play. To set up this feature you need to go to Settings > Security > in Device Manager , select the Unknown sources ( Allow installation of applications not from Market ).

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