Download SPEEDbit Video Accelerator for Windows

Online video sharing services such as Youtube , Google Video, Yahoo Video, MySpace … are often camouflaged by attaching FLV format as Buffer, which makes online viewing slow. However, with SpeedBit Video Accelerator, you can watch videos online more quickly by speeding up the download of files via the buffer zone with just a mouse click.

Download SPEEDbit Video Accelerator for Windows 1

Main features of SPEEDbit Video Accelerator 3.3

  • HD video acceleration: Enjoy the future of Internet video with high-definition video acceleration. Speed up videos with bitrates above 200 KBps for the most visually stunning online videos and how similar the web is in HD.
  • HQ Video Acceleration : SPEEDbit Video Accelerator is a powerful tool that allows users to enjoy higher and higher resolution videos without having to wait. Video has a bit rate of up to 200 KBp, for a sharper, sharper picture quality.
  • Normal acceleration: Watch your favorite web videos smoothly, without worrying about caching or freezing problems. With acceleration technology for YouTube and the 165 most popular video sites, you can watch videos the way you want.
  • Speed up iTunes: Listen to all your favorite iTunes music, music videos, movies, and TV shows faster. SPEEDbit Video Accelerator is the perfect iTunes Store companion app because it is specially designed to speed up the process of downloading large media files (for example, movies).
  • Seamless integration: Just install Free Video Accelerator and it will work with web browser to automatically accelerate videos on over 165 pages. The software analyzes the type of video the user is streaming to speed up accordingly.

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