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SOLIDWORKS is a 3D design software with the help of a computer. This software includes many useful and effective features for users.

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The main interface of the software designed for PC SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS is a software designed for computers that can effectively support the product development process with an integrated and continuous workflow. Users can design, test, sustainably design, communicate and manage data. Designers and engineers can spread the rules easily, shorten the design cycle to increase performance and launch innovative products on the market faster.

The main feature of SOLIDWORKS design software for computers

  • Includes complete 3D software tools: Allows users to create, simulate, disseminate to the community and manage data
  • There are many SOLIDWORKS solutions: Easy to deploy, use and manage in a simple way
  • No need to spend time maintaining computerized design systems: Users can take advantage of new opportunities, reduce costs, and access markets faster

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Application designed for PC SOLIDWORKS provides great support for the work of users

List of products for SOLIDWORKS

  • Computer 3D Design: SOLIDWORKS 3-dimensional computer design solutions enable users and their teams to quickly translate new ideas into great products.
  • Realizing: Designing and promoting products faster thanks to long-term experience, turning imagination into reality through impressive content
  • Simulation: Making blueprints suitable for real-life conditions to increase the quality of products, reduce costs for prototypes and testing
  • Manage product data: Easily find and redesign files, parts, and drawings; sharing design information; automate the workflow and ensure that the production process always goes smoothly
  • Technical dissemination: Easily disseminate complex product details by improving existing 3D computer design data for your organization, creating dynamic effects and elaborate content. broaching
  • Electrical design: Combining circuit diagrams with 3D modeling features into one easy-to-use and powerful package. The professional power feature is ideal for users who want to combine mechanical and electrical design
  • 3-dimensional experience: Designers and teams can collaborate easily, develop concepts, instincts, society and cohesion to freely design in the desired direction.
  • Educational products: SOLIDWORKS educational products are used in more than 80% of the world’s leading engineering schools to help learners and researchers learn and work more effectively almost immediately.
  • Research: With SOLIDWORKS research copyrights, researchers have access to the latest technology and communication with researchers and industrial users around the world.
  • Partner products: Includes a variety of applications, easily integrating in-depth features with the SolidWorks platform to provide complete solutions
  • Lots of free tools: Free 2D design tools make sketching process faster and more efficient, easily communicating with customers and suppliers

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