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Snapi is the perfect camera app that allows you to control your camera with a simple wave of your hand. You can take photos with the front and rear cameras simply by waving your hand to Snapi to identify and automatically take pictures. Now you don’t need your hands on the “big screen” to press and shoot.

You love to take pictures, you often travel and check your location on social networks Facebook with selfies or panoramas to show off to friends. Have you ever had trouble making selfies especially your hands couldn’t reach the on-screen shutter button? This is also a fairly common problem. The perfect solution to help you solve this problem quickly is Snapi for Android, the app for taking photos by waving.

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Snapi will completely stop the discomfort you have “experienced” when making a selfie on smartphones. No need to reach out and touch your finger to take photos. With Snapi you can take photos without touching your phone. Simply open the palm of your hand in front of the camera, and hold your hand again and open it again – create a pose for 3 seconds and the photo will be taken immediately. Unlike many selfie apps today, Snapi makes a difference and aims to give users the most comfortable selfie experience.

Snapi can take photos that are 13 feet (4 meters) or less – just put the phone down and take pictures right away. What are you waiting for, download Snapi and start taking selfies in a whole new way!

The main feature of Snapi for Android

  • EyeSight gesture recognition technology
  • Take photos automatically with the countdown timer (timer) – choose from multiple time modes between gestures and shooting.
  • Easily switch between front and back camera on your device
  • All images are stored in the gallery
  • Autofocus, face recognition
  • Sounds feedback when focused, countdown, take pictures
  • Depending on the features of your phone

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