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Snapchat for Android is a free and unique photo sharing application on Android devices. Quickly download the application to your device to experience and share unlimited fun.

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Download the latest Snapchat photo chat app

  • Share photos and chat with groups of up to 16 people. The content you send to the chat group will be deleted by default after 24 hours.
  • Use magic scissors to cut the sticker from shared photos.
  • When editing shared photos on Memories , touch the brush icon button to customize creativity on your work.
  • Keep pressing on the camera screen to identify songs via melody with the Shazam app. Songs identified with Shazam will be listed in Settings .

Snapchat is an extremely popular social messaging application for mobile devices that allows users to share photos or videos as well as text messages. If previously the most unique and distinctive feature that distinguishes Snapchat from other messaging applications is the auto-delete feature after being viewed, now Snapchat has just done the opposite. It is an update to a new feature called Memories.

Memories is a newly updated feature on Snapchat that allows users to save their favorite profile pictures. Now users can update new stories, send photos from Memmories and easily record past memories or moments with the search engine. You can also replay the conversation from Team Snapchat when updating the Memories feature.

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In essence, Snapchat is a photo chat software . This is the fastest and simple tool to share beautiful moments in life with friends. In addition, Snapchat also allows users to control the time friends can see your messages. Very simple operation, users only need to set the timer for 10 seconds and send it.

With this time setting, the recipient of the message will only be able to view the image for a certain period of time and then the image will disappear completely. Snapchat is an effective tool to build relationships, collect points and keep track of your loved ones. Snapchat is really a fun application, showing the intelligence of users as well as experiencing memorable moments.

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The main feature of the Snapchat application on Android

  • Introducing the new “story telling” feature of Snapchat Stories .
  • Share photos with friends and family in a simple touch operation.
  • Storytelling feature allows adding multiple photos at once to create a consistent story. When you add a frame to your story, the photo takes effect for 24 hours before disappearing, leaving room for a new photo. The story will always evolve in the direction of progress, allowing users to share each moment in the order you experienced it.
  • Your story has no end and always changes. End of today’s story will be the beginning of tomorrow’s story. And each photo in the story will include a list of everyone who saw it.
  • Redesign Stories to emphasize content from users when sharing multimedia content with each other.
  • The Stories screen in Snapchat will prioritize displaying live stories, listing them one by one from your contact list. The news comes from Snapchat’s major media partners like ESPN, Yahoo and Comedy Central, appearing at the top of the list and covering hot events in various fields.
  • This is just a small update of Snapchat but it has a great effect in linking the chat application and sharing Snapchat photos or videos with the discovery of new content and news. Launched in January of this year, the Stories goes deep to mention articles, photos, featured videos from CNN, ESPN and Cosmopolitan that many users are interested in.

Another feature on Snapchat Android

The good news for Snapchat followers is that the app has now integrated the Bitmoji feature of the maker of the Bitstrips sticker into the latest version of the Snapchat app. To achieve this outstanding improvement, Snapchat spent more than $ 100 million to buy Bitstrips. Now let’s experience the unique features unmatched with Bitmoji on Snapchat.

  • [NEW] Bitmoji is a sticker application that allows users to create animated avatars similar to themselves. Download the Bitmoji app, create your own Bitmoji, and go to the Snapchat app setup to connect your accounts.
  • [NEW] You can send different Bitmoji in the chat windows or paste together into Snap. If your friends are also connected to Bitmoji, you will be able to see special stickers in Friendmoji when you chat with them or reply to their Snap.
  • [NEW] Touch and hold on a Snapchatter’s name to save their name to your friends list in the chat window.
  • [NEW] Try new changes.
  • [NEW] Experience comic style through the Bitmoji feature on Snapchat.

Snapchat today is becoming an indispensable online tool for young people, as a more private way to share messages and photos. If your device does not have this app, download it for free to share the endless fun with everyone.

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