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Photos will be a valuable asset in life, so SmugMug is where you can easily upload, store and share your memories. Live the most exciting moments and let SmugMug for Android do the rest of the work.

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SmugMug for Android is an excellent online photo storage and sharing application on mobile. Every time you want to impress your friends, colleagues or make loved ones shed tears or share work with partners with photos, SmugMug for Android will help you do that in a blink of an eye.

Not only that, uploading photos from mobile devices or other applications to SmugMug library is also easier. Sharing is caring, so SmugMug makes sharing photos and even videos very simple.

The main feature of SmugMug for Android

  • Browse the entire SmugMug folder, photo gallery right on the app. Now users can surprise or annoy people with photos in the palm of their hand.
  • Unlimited upload photos and videos.
  • Save photo library to device for offline viewing.
  • Bookmark folders, photo galleries into favorites easily and access them instantly.
  • Share photos, videos via SMS, email, Twitter , and Facebook
  • Follow other SmugMug members, easily find friends, relatives or idol fans.
  • Upload photos and videos to SmugMug from Gallery, SMS and other applications.
  • Automatically upload photos and videos to SmugMug account.
  • Play photos, videos on TV with Chromecast. Perfect feature every time you want to make your friends, relatives really jealous or immerse yourself in your wonderful artwork.
  • View photo details such as location, time, camera settings, camera type.
  • Change download location on SD card to save limited smartphone memory.
  • Full screen slide show of one or more photo galleries.
  • Set up Android Daydream, interactive screensaver, display photos from SmugMug library.

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Changes in the new version of SmugMug for Android

SmugMug for Android

  • Improved settings allow you to choose who can or cannot view photos.
  • Change the directory and library settings to Public, Unlisted or Private mode.
  • Request a password or give permission to view photos for people to share with.

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