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Smash Frenzy for Windows

Smash Frenzy – an Arkanoid game that can make players passionate and do not want to do anything else or go out for at least 1 week after you install the game …

Unlike other Arkanoid games, Smash Frenzy with beautiful 3D graphics interface, professional sound effects, great soundtrack and attractive game script, besides it is Lots of other elements like new brick categories, bonus items and special effects. The point of the game is that you have to try to destroy all the bricks on the screen using rockets. Sometimes you will get bonus items like ones – bullets, magnets or rockets, these items will help you quickly overcome challenges, or if you are unlucky, you will encounter counterproductive items such as Jack – the Bat Killer or ball Speed-Up.

The full version also supports additional recording function (recording), comparing the score online with other players.

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