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SKRWT is a camera lens calibration tool for Android phones. This application is extremely suitable for photography enthusiasts, helping your photos have a beautiful perspective, straighten the image, square, more angular.

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Adjust photos, crop to create the perfect balance

SKRWT is rated the best application of 2014 and is one of the 10 best photography applications. This is the most powerful camera lens calibration tool on the market, created to help you improve image quality right on your smartphone with just a few clicks.

Version 1.4 of SKRWT has been optimized better than ever. With many outstanding features and in-app extensions like the full-touch MRRW and 4PNTS, this will be the essential photo editing tool for sophisticated photography enthusiasts like you.

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4PNTS – four-point visual image editing tool

SKRWT: Goodbye to the converging lines on the image

Normally, when taking a photo with wide-angle view such as high-rise buildings, boulevards … with adapters, DRSL, GoPro or flying cameras, objects in the image (horizontally or vertically photo ) will appear skewed, distorted and tend to form converging lines. That’s when you need the photo editing software SKRWT – lens calibration tool for those who love the proportion.

With full auto-cropping function and user-friendly interface, SKRWT will allow you to adjust the image perspective to make them look more natural and proportionate. You can switch the tilt, raise or lower the viewing angle of the image, making a significant difference from the original image.

After uploading photos, the application will use the sensor to rotate and adjust the image horizontally or vertically. You will not be able to adjust both directions at the same time, so please adjust one axis, then adjust the other. As a result, the objects in the image will be more straight, reducing the distortion and curvature of the lens.

The editing process will not be applied until you save the picture. Therefore, if you are not satisfied, you can return to edit more. Thanks to SKRWT, your photos will naturally straighten the curves, as captured by an expensive wide-angle lens.

SKRWT is considered a sub-link in the field of photography on high-end smartphones.

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MRRW – Create unique contrast images


With 4PNTS, this is a must-have extension. 4PNTS is a four point visual image editing tool. Help you edit images more sophisticatedly. It allows you to work with one or more corner points on the image, turning the viewing angle adjustment into a completely intuitive process.


SKRWT has 4 highly accurate reflection effects and has never been equipped for smartphone image editing software. With a fresh approach to creative photo manipulation, MRRW helps discover the symmetry in your best photos and allows users to find new, artistic freedom. Discover new possibilities in composition and use perspective correction, which automatically cuts to the quality of SKRWT.

New feature

  • Fix errors when sending images between applications.
  • For version 1.5: New translation.

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