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Skitch, a computer application, can now be used on phones. Skitch for Android is a great software that allows users to take photos, create notes, make sketches, then save your creations to Evernote and share them easily directly. from their mobile phones.

Skitch has a very simple and intuitive user interface with a wide range of essential features and custom image settings without requiring any technical knowledge of the user to take photos. This is just the first version of Skitch for Android, the next versions will be improved and added many new features in the future.

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The main screen of the program offers 3 options: launch the camera of the Android device to take a picture, load an image from your gallery or start with an empty frame.

Benefits of using Skitch

  • Create funny, funny images or anything you want to surprise your friends and share via email, SMS, social networks and more.
  • Insert images on your plans to whet your inspiration. For example, if you intend to develop a vegetable garden, you can add pictures to your plan, print them and post them on the wall.
  • Inspire students in the classroom by printing out diagrams and labeling.
  • Take a map, bookmark your destinations, and share with friends so they know where you’re going.
  • Highlight notes or changes in your documents (PDF).

Some features of Skitch

Once you have a photo, you can easily edit it or create notes and share it instantly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google … The function buttons are contained in two bars Main tools are Action bar and Tool bar.

Action bar includes the following functions:

Home : return to the main screen.

Trash : delete a selected object or clear the entire screen by touching and holding.

Undo / Redo : restore or advance to the action

Share : Share annotated images with other applications installed on your device.

Tool bar includes the following functions:

Color and size popover : choose the color and line thickness of objects.

Pencil and highlighter : pencils create free-flowing shapes with a finger or a plastic pen. Click and hold to bring up the highlighter tool, highlighting the image areas you choose to manipulate.

Arrow : insert arrow icons and photos.

Select : touch any object, then drag to change its position.

Type : a tool to insert text into the image.

Shape : press and hold to select a shape from the list, then drag your finger on the screen to create it.

Alternatively, you can touch the menu button and select Settings to set some advanced settings such as the opacity of the interface, expand the display scale …

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Drawing attention to your images has never been easier. Here are some ways to use Skitch:

– When you’re at a conference, take a photo of the people you meet, annotate it with their name and save it to Evernote.

– Annotate any images, screenshots or images saved in Evernote.

– Download a screenshot attached to the mail. Open it in Skitch and add your comment. Save it to Evernot for review later.

– With a photo, you can resize, draw an arrow, add a title and then send the image to Twitter or Facebook.

– Get an image of a whiteboard during a meeting or lecture, add comments and save to Evernote.

– Quickly sketch out a map or diagram.


– Zoom and crop images.

– Create your smoothness, lines and notes to explain an idea.

– Add text using contrasting colors for easy reading.

– Highlight text with marker pen tool.

– Reposition and delete cubes, texts and drawings at any time.

– Share with any application that accepts images.

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