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Skillz for Android is one of the best intellectual games on mobile operating systems today, helping users to both play games and entertain the brain.

The game is designed with many diverse games and many different forms. Skillz players can improve memory, practice brain thinking speed, develop knowledge and practice logical thinking skills.

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The unique features of Skillz

Skillz mobile puzzle game is designed to suit many objects, different age groups so you can play, older people can play, or even children can play Skillz to practice privately only his.

The game system is designed with a variety of games, puzzles with different difficulty levels from easy to difficult, helping players to slowly get acquainted with the game.

  • Improve the player’s memory
  • Train your brain’s reflexes
  • Increase accuracy when thinking in many different directions
  • Demonstration ability tactile
  • Speed up brain activity
  • Learn how to mix colors

Each level of play will help you test and evaluate your skills and abilities at the highest level.

After each level, the player’s results will be ranked from 1 to 5 stars and receive the number of bonus points (Intelligence points) corresponding to their results. In addition, for each star earned, you will also be awarded an intellectual point.

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Using the existing Intelligence points, players can play again from the current round (if unfortunately lost) or can use 5 stars at the same time to pass a round or pass a level.

Download and install Skillz, you can play with friends or play with others in Multiplayer mode.


  • The game will only start when there are at least 2 players and there will only be at most 4 people at the same time.
  • If you finish the game in position 1 in Multiplayer mode, you will receive the title “Victory” and receive a bonus of 5 Intelligence points.
  • If you finish the game in 2nd place, you will receive 3 Intelligence points but do not receive the title “Victory”.
  • Player’s rating in Multiplayer mode depends on your “Victory”.
  • Join play in the Multiplayer mode and win, which can unlock New Achievements.

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