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Simple Harvest Mod – Minecraft Mod supports fast crop harvest

If you want to be a good farmer when playing Minecraft on your computer, you can install a free Simple Harvest Mod version through Minecraft Forge to assist in this work.

Specifically, Simple Harvest Mod will change some methods of harvesting agricultural products, helping you save costs and limit errors when working.

When working on fields of carrots, wheat, potatoes … you often encounter the following errors:

  • Harvest the wrong tree.
  • Harvest plants above the crop damage below.
  • Meet both of these errors.

Download Simple Harvest Mod for Windows 1

Although these errors do not affect the gameplay too much, it is easy to disappoint players. Therefore, you can install Simple Harvest Mod . The main feature of this Minecraft Mod is very simple, it is to change the left mouse button (default) to the right mouse when harvesting. You need to change the button because the left mouse is easy to cause block destruction and other errors. When changing to the right mouse, some hidden features are also activated such as:

  • Harvest only when the plant has fully grown.
  • Avoid harvesting wrong types of trees.

With the Simple Harvest Mod, players will save time and avoid mistakes when harvesting crops in Minecraft games.

Tan Thanh

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