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The game “Shoot eggs” is colorful, fast and requires your fast reaction skills. Surely you will always find the egg shooting game attractive and increasingly attractive because the level is increasingly intense.

Key features of the game:

  • Nice graphics
  • Attractive effects
  • Sounds good
  • High precision shot control
  • The rankings are very challenging
  • Many new game modes are being developed and launched in the near future

The game has 3 game modes:

1. Traditional mode:

  • Try to get the highest score possible
  • There are many types of bonuses (multiplication 2, multiplying 3, multiplying 4).
  • The mission is to shoot to avoid falling eggs on the rope.
  • When a balloon with an umbrella drops, a new egg color will be added

2. Map mode (great)

  • 165 map (screen) very nice, very good and also very challenging waiting for you to conquer
  • The obstacle is that rocks cannot be broken, try to cleverly wriggle.
  • If excellent you can achieve 3 stars for each level.

3. Time race mode

  • See how fast you can shoot to clear 20 lines of eggs. The number of eggs is greatly increased
  • NEW: Traditional mode and time racing mode with 3 levels of play options (Easy, Medium, Hard)

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How to play the game:

  • Look closely at the eggs at the top, shoot the eggs at locations with eggs of the same color to drop these eggs.
  • Control the direction of firing the bird eggs by swiping on the screen, or pointing directly at the position you want to shoot.
  • The game has many stages, try to overcome all of them.

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