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Shadow Fight 2 is a compelling action RPG game for mobile devices and is now available for free for Windows. Coming to Shadow Fight 2, players will be able to participate in martial arts battles, swordplay extremely fierce with tough gladiators.

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Shadow Fight is an action game that is no stranger to fans playing games on Facebook and has reached over 40 million users! Following the success of the first version, Shadow Fight 2 will bring players the martial arts battle scenes as beautiful as the action cartoons.

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Download Shadow Fight 2 for Windows 8

Some highlights of the game Shadow Fight 2 for Windows 8/10

  • Shadow Fight 2 combines role-playing elements with the classic fighting genre
  • Role-playing elements are expressed through the ability to upgrade armor, weapons, new skills …
  • Join the exciting battle screen with a completely new motion system
  • Destroy enemies with intuitive intuitive controls, with a specially designed new interface
  • Explore 6 different worlds, filled with raging demons
  • Upgrade your ability to fight with swords, nunchaku, weapons, armor, magic and more
  • Provide 6 chapters and 5 game modes including: Tournament, Challenge, Survival, Duel, Boss fight and Survival

New story of Shadow Fight 2:

Shadow Fight 2 is the next version of the hot game on Facebook. This version has many changes both in content and gameplay.

Shadow Fight 2 revolves around the story of an invincible martial artist in search of a worthy opponent to compete. Stopping in front of a place called “Gate of Darkness” because of curiosity, he accidentally freed the dark warriors from the Seals, and made them take away his form and he will have to exist in the form of one the ball. Thankfully, his strength and talent were never lost. Your task is to help him escape the curse and regain his form by using the skills to fight with the dark men and send them back to the Dark Gate again.

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Download Shadow Fight 2 – interesting fighting game

Shadow Fight 2 – fighting game combining RPG elements:

Shadow Fight 2 has 6 chapters, at the end of each chapter will be a dark boss waiting for gamers to challenge. In each chapter, there are different game modes to help players accumulate experience points to level up and earn some money to buy new equipment. Although the attack in Shadow Fight 2 is monotonous, the new weapon element is the highlight of the game. In the fighting genre, Shadow Fight 2 is to provide countless high-damage weapons such as swords, armor … If you do not want to fail quickly, you must pay attention to equip your character well. Besides the items that can be earned with money in the game, you also easily come across items that have to spend money to invest.

The game has all 5 modes integrated in each chapter, including:

  • Tournament with 30 matches gamers must overcome
  • Challenge with the same way as the Tournament, but each game comes with a separate game rule that forces the player to comply
  • Survival requires you to survive and overcome 10 gladiators with levels from easy to difficult
  • Duel brings you a match of martial arts skills equal to the amount of money quite large
  • Boss fight: You will have to fight the final boss and their subordinates.
  • Survival allows gamers to play over and over again to earn more money, thereby accumulating money to upgrade or buy new equipment instead of cash.

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Shadow Fight 2 has full of depth graphics and artistic gameplay

Shadow Fighter 2 with in-depth graphics:

The graphics of Shadow Fight 2 are unique and not as gorgeous as the hot games on the market. All the characters in the game Shadow Fight 2 are just black shadows acting on the clear and colorful background. The character is designed with a balanced proportion, wearing a mysterious shadow with realistic physical movement and interaction in each martial art.

Like classic fighting games like Mortal Kombat , Street Fighter , Shadow Fight 2 battles are made on 2D graphics. However, Shadow Fight 2 is not a “fire-blooded” style of Mortal Kombat style but it possesses martial arts and martial arts fighting scenes.

Different from simple graphic elements, the sound in Shadow Fight 2 is reproduced quite strikingly. The sound is very realistic from the sword clashing to the sound of the characters. The soundtrack of the game is a perfect combination of rock music with Asian classical music, creating a lively atmosphere for battles.

If you have the patience and expect to discover a game designed in depth, Shadow Fight 2 is the name you are looking for.

Shadow Fight 2 is rated as one of the best action games on Facebook and mobile devices today. And now you can download Shadow Fight 2 for free for Windows 8 and enjoy it! Wish you have fun playing the game!

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