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Selfissimo! is Google’s new automatic selfie software, which automatically takes a photo when the user stops moving, making continuous selfies at any angle.

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Take selfies continuously at any angle

Google technology giant recently launched 3 new and super interesting photo applications, including Selfissimo! (available for both Android and iOS) with automatic black-and-white selfie.

Normally, when you want to take a selfie, you usually turn on the front camera of your phone, look at the best angle and then press the lower volume button or on-screen shutter button. If you want to take more pictures, continue to do so. Selfissimo will remove this operation! Selfies take place automatically and become more interesting than ever.

Download Selfissimo for Android

All the user has to do is open the application, click the Start button on the screen to launch the capture mode and then pose.

Every time you stop moving, Selfissimo will understand that you have posed and took a picture. Just like that, the app will shoot continuously whenever users move into different positions and stop moving in one position. You will have a series of selfies at any angle.

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Create a black and white selfie series

To end the shooting mode, double-click the screen. The application will list a table of images you have taken. From here, users choose the best photos to save to their computer or share on social networks .

Selfissimo! is an “application” based on technologies being researched at Google, so its performance may vary depending on your device. You can help make it better in the future by trying and sharing with the developer your feelings and ideas by sending them to [email protected]

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