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Screencast Video Recorder for Android – Filming and taking screenshots of Android

Capturing and capturing video on an Android phone screen during use is a necessity for users who want more than one frame or two screens to serve different purposes. Users can also return to their videos to share with their partners or friends who have recently updated the ROM to enjoy.

ScreenCast & Recorder is an application that allows you to take still screenshots of your Android phone along with the ability to record videos with good image quality and allow saving files as MPEG-5 video format. You can find, rename and delete all images recorded from the memory card in the application used.

After installation, launch the application and click on the screen button to start recording, the application will display a status icon on the notification toolbar immediately after the recording process begins. In addition to the ability to capture simple animations, the application also allows recording of custom ROMs, images, recording of various application and game content.

The application allows you to select normal or high resolution, specify video orientation, frames per second and specify the default file name for all photos. Captured videos can easily be shared with friends.

The free version of ScreenCast & Recorder allows you to record video clips within 30 seconds.

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