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Reforged Mod 1.12.2 / 1.11.2 provides weapons from Balkon’s Weapon Mod to the Minecraft game world. Most of these weapons have special features, such as causing stronger damage when stealthy or similar attacks.

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Features of Reforged Mod for Minecraft

There are 3 generations of main weapons for players to distinguish:

  • Primitive: weapons used when playing games, used to kill zombies and defend themselves.
  • Medieval: a weapon stronger than the original, used to attack. This is a weapon with special effects that can be used directly or start up.
  • Gunpowder: high-damage weapon, used in long-range combat.

Recipe for making weapons in Reforged Mod

Gas gun:

  • When activated, the air gun (blowgun) will fire an arrow in the direction the player is targeting. It is a regular arrow or a special effect arrow.
  • Like the original weapons, air guns are useful when playing games in the early stages. Should use special effects arrow type when playing PvP.

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Arrows are used with air guns. There are many types of arrows with varied effects:

  • Common arrows.
  • Poisoned arrow: when shooting at the target, it will release poison.
  • Poison Arrow Frog: Poison stronger than the above.
  • Slow arrow: reduces the target speed when hit.
  • Hunger arrow: makes target hungry.
  • Arrow Wither: Spoke poison with Wither effect.


When the right mouse is in your hand, you will throw a boomerang. It will turn back to you, dealing damage to the target shooting them. There is an option in the config file called Auto-collect. The player can determine the range to automatically capture the boomerang when it lands on the ground and avoid shooting at yourself.

In addition, Reforged Mod for Minecraft also provides players with many other useful weapons such as electric whips, javelins , knives, battle axes, Japanese katana blades, Malay daggers, spears … with many other materials. each other with different damage levels.

Note: Reforged Mod is installed via Minecraft Forge .

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