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Gameloft has just launched the latest mobile version of football management game called Real Football for Android. Play Real Football game for free on Android smartphones and tablets to feel the heat from the top games, admire the talent and performance of the football star and many emotions of joy and sadness throughout the season. solution.

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Real Football management game Real Football

As part of Gameloft’s famous soccer game series, Real Football for Android brings players authentic football on the pitch as well as the pit lane . The game has a small size but requires you to play online from start to finish. This is the latest version of the football simulation game in the Real Football series, so it owns many new features, excellent graphics and the element of surprise that ” big ” Gameloft wants for gamers.

But like many other team management games, Real Football for Android also has a common mission of building a dream team, coaching, arranging the team and using a reasonable strategy to lead the players. The star touched the golden trophy. In parallel with the task of recruiting and training troops, you also need to pay attention to the development of support facilities, buy and sell star players, upgrade capacity, challenge yourself in the world arena and a lot of Another mission to deserve the No. 1 football coach position!

Video introduces Real Football football game

The main feature of the game Real Football on iPhone / iPad

Real Football Mobile football management game

  • The game possesses beautiful graphics that are Gameloft’s strengths: 3D stadium, smooth shadow effects, detailed images and lively audiences contribute to the unprecedented attractive football atmosphere.
  • The game uses multiple camera angles to record goals, slow motion situations … to help the audience easily observe the situation on the field from all directions.
  • Upgrade opponents and position: the players will play smarter with improved AI, helping the matches are reproduced more honestly than before.

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Real Football for Android owns top notch and realistic graphics

Build, upgrade and lead the team to success

  • Build your dream team by buying and selling strong players through the lottery.
  • Improve the ability of players by equipping more skills.
  • Upgrading stadiums, hospitals, research centers, entertainment clubs …
  • Challenge other players in the World Arena arena with a PvP match. Everyone will compete for rank on the overall Leader Board.

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Sign a contract with talented players

Real Football is a sports simulation game that is well invested in terms of graphics and gameplay . You will participate in completing the tasks of the day, tournaments, cup competitions, confronting strong clubs and completing your coaching mission.

To own a strong, simple player, you just need to look for luck in the lottery daily. The victory will bring players famous and extremely rare football superstars. Of course, if you have gold or cash, you can buy any player. To become a wealthy coach and hold many stars in your hand, work hard to log into Real Football game daily to receive rewards, conquer missions and tournaments …

Download Real Football for Android .APK 4
Try your hand at Real Football Mobile online tournaments

To do well the role of head coach of a young team, you first need to focus on coaching the young players. To earn more Training Points (Training Points) and use it to upgrade players, play lots of matches and of course always choose a reasonable opponent if you do not want to constantly taste the defeat. A simple daily task or simply login to the game is also a way to get rewarded with a surprisingly high training point.

Like the network, energy (Energy) is what you need to continue the match and many other activities in football games Real Football. Energy will automatically recover over time. There are also many ways to fill your energy bar without waiting for cash purchases, completing daily quests or getting daily rewards.

Download Real Football for Android .APK 5
Upgrade players, stadiums … to go to victory

Use cash wisely to buy additional drinks to increase the stat (Stamina Drink) for players. You can also earn in the Physio Center, Seasons mode, in daily rewards or missions. This energy drink helps players run faster, adds special energy to easily create miracles on the field.

Cash (Cash) is the main currency in the game and is given to the winner of the daily matches. Gold is also quite important and is often included in rewards after every match or end of the season. The better the achievement, the more gold you will receive. When you are not using the player at the auction and transfer market, the amount of gold you collect is not small.

Download Real Football for Android .APK 6
Real Football truly simulates the vibrant football atmosphere

Real Football version possesses many good game modes for you to try such as daily missions (Daily Mission), the world arena (World Arena), trophy (Cup Mode), intercontinental cup (Continent Cup) or a social tournament (Social Tournament) …

Along with FIFA series, Dream League Soccer , Top Eleven … Real Football for Android of Gameloft is one of the football management games invested and cared for, from the famous game companies and loved by gamers. prefer. Real Football 2017 version brings you more game modes and a variety of features, promising to cause storms in the future!

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