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Raiden2013 HD for Android is a classic style video game shooter. Players will be immersed in a fantasy world, control their ships against hostile forces throughout the universe.

In fact, the gameplay of this game is quite similar to the way to play the classic chicken shooting games, shooting flies on computers or traditional gaming machines. In it, the player will hold at one end of the screen and the game will take your spacecraft forward. While moving forward, you have to avoid getting your ship into enemy fire, just discharge the bullets to destroy the enemy, clearing the way for the ship to move forward.

And similar to other classic space shooting games, in Raiden2013 HD for Android is also indispensable to the appearance of the great boss after each gate. Each boss will have different attack methods, at the same time because the structure of each boss ship is different so the way of releasing their bullets also varies. Players must skillfully control their ships away from their range and find the weakness of each boss, focusing firepower on that area to be able to defeat the boss quickly.

If there is anything that makes Raiden2013 HD for Android stand out from other similar games, it is the quality of graphics in the game. You will control your Angry Bee Fighter warship and fight in a context of three-dimensional space war with different backgrounds: land, sea and air. Raiden2013 HD , as its name implies, uses high-resolution graphics, suitable for Android devices installed. In particular, players will enjoy images with a parameter of 40 FPS (Frames per second).

Not only that, this game also supports vivid sound effects, increasing the feeling of excitement when playing for you. Players will have the opportunity to confront more than 40 different types of warships, the opportunity to use more than 40 different types of bullets.

If you love the game of control spacecraft, you definitely can not ignore Raiden2013 HD . Hurry up and install this game on your Android device and become the marksman hero of the galaxy.

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Some key features of Raiden2013 HD for Android:

  • Support a system to record the player’s achievements.
  • Choose to use among 40 different bombing methods.
  • Support 6 different big campaigns for players to participate.
  • You have the opportunity to face more than 40 different types of enemies.
  • Provides many ways to improve ships, weapons and other tricks.
  • Sound, lively music, matching the details of the game.
  • Attack the enemies on the ground including tanks, armored vehicles, ships …
  • Destroy 6 great bosses at the end of each door to continue your journey to conquer the galaxy.
  • Play the game with one of two operations: touch the screen directly or tilt the device.
  • Support App2SD.
  • Do not be bothered by advertising banners, help you focus on playing the game.

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