Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Android .APK

Fight your way in tactical RPG featuring stunning visual graphics RAID: Shadow Legends for Android . The game brings together hundreds of champions from 16 different factions, confront and see to win.

Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Android .APK 1
Collect over 300 unique heroes and champions from 16 different factions

To save the world of Teleria, players will have to recruit legendary warriors from the two factions of Light and Shadow. You must train these champions to fight together, turn them into live weapons and form the most majestic raid army ever.

The path to your glory will be determined by devising a smart strategy to win dozens of battles with mighty bosses, slay dragons and crush opponents in PvP Arena mode.

To be a legend, don’t simply become a hero – you must be the leader! Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Android 1.9.0 now to join the fierce battle with the strongest!

Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Android .APK 2
Join the fierce boss battles in RAID: Shadow Legends for Android

Salient features of the game RAID: Shadow Legends for Android

Intensive strategic battles

Make tough decisions and equip your champion with powerful artifacts to assist them in their missions. Upgrade your characters to unleash massive destructive special skills, epic AOE attacks, healing abilities and more as you lead them to battle in the RPG battle. Victory belongs to those who know how to build an army with the right skills and use them at the right time in battles.

Fight together

No hero fights alone. Alliance with thousands of other players in Co-op challenges to kill monsters, get loot, get rare items and more. To stand above all, you will need to cooperate and unite with everyone.

Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Android .APK 3
Join a clan and fight together in boss battles

Charismatic plot

Experience the dark and majestic world through 12 breathtaking locations, spread across a large-scale campaign map. From the award-winning alluring storyline to a beautifully hand-drawn graphics system as a work of art, immerse yourself in the vivid fantasy world of RAID: Shadow Legends for Android .

The fight against epic final boss

Defeat dozens of powerful bosses to get loot, experience points and special champions! Fight with scary dragons, giants and many other beasts to earn powerful equipment.

Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Android .APK 4
Calculate tactics wisely to win in every confrontation

Dramatic PvP arena

Two teams come in – only one team comes out. Confront the other players to unlock special equipment and climb ranks in fierce battles. Achieving the highest rank in the arena will also help accelerate your progress in PvE campaigns and dungeon battles. If you win the arena, you can win every encounter.

Unlimited character customization

Like epic RPGs like Ax: Alliance vs Empire and Flyff Legacy , players have complete control over each champion’s attributes, strengths and weaknesses. With a little adjustment and strategic research, you can become a dragon slayer, a support or a defensive role – it’s all up to the task you face.

Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Android .APK 5
RAID: Shadow Legends for Android possesses deep tactical gameplay

Collect the most powerful champions

Collect hundreds of heroes from 16 different factions. Form a balanced army of characters from diverse classes like the Sorcerer, Skinwalker, Undead, Knight, Elves and more to defeat the enemy – then recruit them to your side.

Stunning and impressive 3D graphics

RAID: Shadow Legends is a PRG game with a sharp console quality graphics system. The heroes are beautifully designed, detailed to each crack on their armor. Observe the array of combat characters in vivid environments with thousands of unique skills and attacks. The game will bring the best RPG playing experience to users.

Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Android .APK 6
Develop and manage your castle in RAID: Shadow Legends


RAID: Shadow Legends Android is a free game, but some in-game items need to be purchased with real money. Also, some of the paid items may not be refunded depending on the type of item. If you do not want to charge, please turn off the in-app purchase feature in the settings of the device.

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