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The 1319 raid is the most attractive electronic sports FPS game in Vietnam today. Coming to raid, gamers will have extremely new but still familiar experiences that make players have to remember the 1-time FPS shooting game like Counter-Strike Online or Half-Life

Đột kích Download CF – New generation Dot Kick shooter.

Contributing to the resurrection of FPS – the king of the game for a while, names like Counter-Strike Online and CrossFire are being enjoyed by gamers. Typical of the new era FPS, CrossFire (CF) is currently gaining the favor of marksmen in the virtual world.
Now, gamers are not only able to experience this top-level shooter game on their computers, but also enjoy playing on mobile. Let’s experience the CF Mobile game also known as Mobile Raid on 2 iOS and Android platforms under the following link: CrossFire Legends for iPhone and CrossFire Legends for Android.
Acquiring the advantages of the rank of Counter-Strike (CS) and making breakthrough changes in the game that gradually created for CF a large community of players around the world. In addition to the optimization capabilities in the CF graphics engine, it is possible to provide customized options for even relatively low-profile computers.

Main features in raid shooter


  • QCMM Camouflage (Vcoin).
  • M4A1-X Camo.
  • M14EBR-S Camo.
  • PMR-30 Camo.
  • QCMM Banana Grenade (GP).
  • Banana grenades.
  • AK-47 Knife Sun Wukong.
  • M4A1-S Ton Ngo Khong.
  • Thunderbolt Hammer.
  • Beretta AR-70 Red Dragon.
  • TRG21 Aries.
  • IAS Gemini.
  • Savage 110BA-Snow Camo.
  • 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon Camo.
  • Steyr-TMP Justice.
  • MSBS-5.56.
  • AWM Rio.
  • DE Rio.
  • Kukri Rio.
  • 9A-91-Ultimate Goldsmith.
  • 9A-91-Xmas.
  • AA-12-Xmas.
  • D.Karambit-Xmas.
  • AA-12-Buster (Shot).
  • PB-Ultimate Silver (Knife).
  • QCMM Fast Draw.
  • QCMM Blossoms Mini.
  • ….

Game mode:

  • Single-player mode.
  • AI mode.
  • Ghost mode.
  • Shooting Racing Mode.
  • Combined BOT mode.
  • Zombie mode.
  • C4 mode.
  • King game mode.
  • GPS mode.
  • Zombie V4 parasitic mode.
  • War mode.
  • AI3 mode.

Nhân vật nữ VIP Sonoko trong game Đột Kích VIP Sonoko female character in the Raid game

The attraction of the Dot Kich FPS game lies in the interweaving between stillness and outburst, suspense with every footstep and bringing with it the competition between players in each thrilling action phase. Coming to CF players not only need a quick reaction but also place themselves in the position of a strategist when calculating routes and competition tactics. With 1-on-1, the real power always plays an important role, but without coordination, it is hard to win in the whole match. Therefore, Raid always urges players to find a suitable route and strategy.

Raid Update 2.0 version 1317 – Super Update Knock Out

Release of Hammer – Knock-Back and New Map: Sky Tower
  • Knock Back mode is extremely fun. As the name suggests, you will use a hammer to knock or throw at the opponent to defeat them. According to information on the web, this mode will bring gamers the most refreshing laughter.

Chế độ Đột Kích - Knock Out

  • Sky Tower map is where the fighters fight. This map is quite wide, dangerous and certainly not for the faint of heart.

Bản đồ Sky Tower trong Đột Kích

Sell a set of blue-eyed dragon weapons QCMM Silver Dragon and Jungle Knife Ultimate Gold – promising to bring in unexpected firefighting scenes.

Mở bán vũ khí rồng trắng mắt xanh

Update the cargo ship map on the 11th anniversary and map the 2.0 Cargo Ship

Cập nhật bản đồ Tàu chở hàng

Update the weapon enhancement system in AI Players will use Gem (pearl) obtained from AI mode to upgrade skin and power. This upgrade is permanent but only applies to AK-47 Buster weapons with 3 levels:
  • Level 1: AK-47 Buster (AI reward)
  • Level 2: AK-47 Platinium Buster (30 Gem)
  • Level 3: AK-47-Conqueror Buster (50 Gem)

Vũ khí mới trong Đột Kích 2.0

Update M4A1 weapon upgrade system Players use Vcoin or MP points to purchase weapons upgrade materials.

Cập nhật hệ thống nâng cấp vũ khí mới trong Đột Kích

Update the list of items in the MP store

Danh sách vật phẩm mới trong Đột Kích

Raid Update 2.0 – version 1313 entitled: Born Death

Supplement Mini Survival mode

  • Experience the map of Ky Bi Island
  • Map size is equal to 1/3 of the old map
  • 30 people fought for a while under the first view
  • The relay box contains high-class VIP weapons

Bổ sung bản đồ mini trong Đột Kích

New Imperial Gold equipment: AN94-Imperial Gold and M4A1-Prime Beast Imperial Gold

  • The bullet change speed is extremely fast
  • The ability to destroy and stabilize the same level of VIP weapons of the same type.

Vũ khí mới trong Đột Kích

SR99-Vold new weapon

  • Great gun for those who like sniper.
  • Speed, precision and power are what gamers can take advantage of on the battlefield.

Vũ khí SR99-Vold mới trogn Đột Kích

Shadow Knife-Dark Orange

  • New version of Shadow Knife-Purple Green.
  • Increases power, slashing speed and buff.

How to choose a character in the raid game

(For first time players) Pick up characters, with badges – symbolizing your legion.

Đột kích

Confirm transaction.

Đột kích

Successful transaction and end of purchase.

Đột kích

Guide to basic information for beginners.

Đột kích

How to choose server and channel

Đột kích

Select the server cluster you want to play and click Start. Update: The system will update when there are new server clusters. Escape game: Exit the game.

Đột kích

Select the channel you want to play click on Channel. Update: The system will update when new channels are available.
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