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Best photo gallery and browsing & viewing photos on Android, faster and clearer, like what users feel.

QuickPic is a photo album / gallery / photo viewer application on Android. Users can use it to replace their current library. Full screen view and slideshow mode with the best image quality, clear thumbnail preview. Accelerate browsing of thousands of photos, quickly find the newly downloaded ones without background services. You can include or remove several folders for a more efficient scan. Easily hide photo and video files from gallery, even protect them with a password.

Play standard video and animated GIF image file. Smooth experience on device: swipe change or switch, tap once or 2 times to zoom. Rotate, shrink, crop photos, set as wallpaper with the highest image quality. A lot of other file management features: sort, rename, create new folders, move and copy images. All are completely free and without advertising.

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For those of you who are dissatisfied with the built-in image browser of an Android device, QuickPic’s ability to display images clearly and categorize categories makes it a smoother, faster, and more enjoyable experience. much.

The application immediately starts in the main menu and scans the phone for scene files. These have been tested on test equipment. Images are grouped in the main window by category, including camera files, instant messages, email attachments and images from other applications. Each category has preview images to let users know which images are in that group. Clicking on a group will move the application to the submenu, where thumbnails are displayed. Individual photos will be displayed when clicking on them, but users can also select the small icon to display photos in slideshow format.

The submenu also allows users to copy, move and delete photos, individual files or in groups. After selecting one or more photos, QuickPic also supports posting them to social networking services, attaching to email applications or transferring them to cloud services for backup. The extra features, often not found in photo browsers, are the ability to rotate photos and move them to the camera with a single click.

Thanks to its photo management features, clear menus and good operability, QuickPic for Android is ready for users to use if you own many image files to manage:

  • List over 10000 photos in seconds, quickly find new photos without background services.
  • View and show with the best quality, clearer than other applications.
  • Include or remove several folders to make scanning more effective.
  • Easily hide photo and video files from gallery apps, protect them with a password.
  • Play standard GIF image and video files.
  • Customizing the experience: swipe or switch, tap once or 2 times to zoom.
  • Rotate, shrink, crop photos, set the wallpaper to the highest quality.
  • Other file management features: sorting, renaming, creating new folders, moving and copying photos.
  • Optimized for HD tablets.
  • Free and without advertising.


  • Back up important image files before proceeding with the files.
  • Click on the thumbnail for a while to move / copy to another folder.
  • Enter multi-selection mode to find group execution.
  • Include image folder only in settings to increase scan speed.
  • Can’t sync with Picasa or Facebook or other albums.
  • Cannot display TIFF file.
  • It is not possible to set wallpaper for lock screen by vendor own interface.
  • Unable to adjust the external storage drive in Kitkat.
  • Display 3D photos (MPO, JPS) with 2D mode.

HTC users: You cannot share a picture via MMS anymore, HTC does not allow 3rd party applications to do this.

QuickPic for Android updated version:

  • Better zoom effect.
  • Hide folders faster.
  • Reload images if they are edited by another application.
  • Patch.
  • Complete Spanish translation.

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