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The prodigy quiz brings players the intellectual quizzes, math quizzes, swirling questions, stupid questions, trivia tips extremely attractive, helps to train intelligence and reduce stress after hours of study and work. stress.

The rules are quite simple, you will have to overcome the quiz questions given with different difficulty levels. From the suggested letters, you must use your knowledge of all areas of life to find the right word for the answer.

If having difficulty, players can take advantage of the Help feature to quickly find the answer. When you fill out the letters but are incorrect, it will automatically find the difference between your answer and the correct answer instead of starting over again.

Feature updates in the prodigy Quiz 2.8.0

  • Library updates.
  • Application optimization.

Key features of the prodigy Quiz application for Android

  • The game has 2 parts to play: Quiz and Math Quiz.
  • Smart help system with AI.
  • The puzzle shows the result.
  • Practice IQ with Math.
  • Show off your achievements to your friends.
  • Beautiful interface, vivid sound.

So why hesitate any longer, please download the prodigy Quiz for Android now, to answer the conundrum, the whirlpool questions are extremely interesting in the game!

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