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After the great success of PUBG Mobile PC , Tencent has officially launched PUBG Mobile for Android and PUBG Mobile for iOS . These PUBG Mobile versions will give players the freedom to participate in the battle to survive on fire on computers, phones and tablets.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 1
Download PUBG Mobile for Android – HOT survival shooter

Similar to the original PUBG – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds – original version, participating in PUBG Mobile , you will be dropped on a large island, looking for weapons, equipment such as hats, shirts, bandages, blood vessels to become last survivor. You have to watch the circle, they will gradually narrow after a certain period of time, anyone outside the circle will lose blood until death.

Currently, the official version of PUBG Mobile is officially open worldwide, no longer has a Vietnamese IP lock. This is a good opportunity for gamers who love PUBG but cannot afford to play on PC.

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PUBG Mobile Vietnam is called PUBG Mobile VNG

PUBG Mobile focuses more on the war, there are many types of vehicles moving on the water such as ships, boats, canoes to bring more interesting experience. The map is equipped with more military-style buildings such as watchtowers, nuclear reactors, with images of death and horror.

New feature in the game PUBG Mobile 0.15.0

New mode: Firepower

Fire Power brings a brand new Summon mechanism, up to 5 heavy weapons. In particular, can also use and control the helicopter.

  • Summon Mechanism: Picking up an ally’s identification card, going to the Communication Tower to summon teammates back to the match.
  • Heavy weapons: Rocket RPG-7, M3E1-A Tank Destroyer, M79 Grenade Gun, MGL, M134 Grenade Gun.
  • Aerial Vehicle – Helicopter: Players can drive and sit on helicopters to fight.
  • Super weapon chest: Newly created at a certain time, activated after 3 minutes of new creation. Includes items such as guns, Level 3 Armor, heavy weapons …
  • Vehicle modification package: Can repair some vehicles and change new tires.
  • Airstrike : Causing explosion in a target area, which may be used to block a road or provide cover.
Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 3

New weapon: Desert Eagle

  • This pistol appears in all maps.
  • Pistols deal the highest damage and bullet speed on PUBG Mobile today.
  • There are 62 damage points, can attach Red Dot, Holo viewfinder, ammunition and laser sights …
  • Compared to other guns, the damage and bullet speed are outstanding, but the recoil is quite large.
  • Use 0.45 ammo, default 7 rounds (Attached to the extended magazine increases to 10 bullets).
Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 4

New media: BRDM-2

  • e armored BRDM-2 can move on land and underwater, has high sides and bulletproof tires.
  • When attacked, the damage will be reduced certain.
  • Only summoned by Flare Gun, replacing UAZ Bullet is summoned by the original flare gun.
  • Appears at all maps.
Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 5

New mechanism: Jump and climb

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 allows players to jump and climb in the air, move from building to building, climb to the edge of the roof, fences and obstacles up to 2.5 meters high, jump from the roof of this container to other container.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 6

Too interesting now that players can go to places that were previously unable to go, increasing the power to move, search and survive. To use this feature, players need to jump on the edge of the wall and press the key to climb over, or press 2 times to jump at the right time.

Gasoline tank exploded

In the past, in-game gas tanks were used to fuel moving vehicles. But from now on the tank will explode when attacked by guns and throwers, dealing damage within range, effective on all maps.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 7

New kits

Adding 4 other tools and instruments:

  • Helmet repair kits.
  • Armor repair kit (same as Free Fire ).
  • Car repair kit.
  • Box hemostatic device.

New Zombie Mode: Survive till dawn 2.0 – Halloween

  • Updated Zombie mode, crate, colors, some scenes and items will be Halloween-style, Monsters more Halloween.
  • Add new human opponents, use the Wild Factory as a base and are distributed throughout the points in the map, destroy them to receive great rewards.
  • Kill Zombie to receive new exclusive Zombie equipment, activate equipment will have the advantage when confronting with Zombie and opponents.

Add spray paint feature

  • Can spray paint at any position in the match.
  • Spray paint is a consumable item, bringing up to 4 types of spray paint in the match, manipulating in the warehouse.

Optimize weapons


  • The first period reduced the recoil.
  • Improve the ability to shoot long distances by reducing the drop of bullets.
  • The stock can be attached.


  • Damage reduced from 34 to 31.
  • Using 9mm bullets, the magazine’s ammunition load from 13/25 changed to 19/33.


  • UMP9 was renamed UMP45 and changed to use 0.45 bullets.
  • Ammunition load of base magazine changed from 30/40 to 25/35, reducing projectile speed
  • Adjust gunfire.

MK47 Mutant:

  • The stock can be attached.

Accessories combination:

  • Proceed to combine pistol and SMG accessories.
  • Including the shotgun, Win94 and Kar98k pistols.
  • Pistols can attach Holo Sight.

Feature updates

  • Correct the error of loading resources, increase the smoothness in the match.
  • Optimizing weapon loading logic, increasing smoothness when aiming.
  • Reduce the amount of space occupied in the CPU to reduce battery consumption and device heat.
  • Optimize the display of low-profile devices, increasing the smoothness of the game.

Display image

  • Optimize images for weapons, costumes, increase image quality, models and lighting …
  • Enhance the efficiency of Lobby display.


  • When activating the finger to move the main screen, the screen control feature of the handle will be disabled.
  • When you lift your finger, the feature will be disabled. Helps reduce mistaken operations when using the viewfinder.

Gun movements and expressions

  • Holding different guns will have different gun movements.
  • The weapon expression displayed outside the Hall will be shown during the match if the backpack has that weapon type.


  • Backpack and cap hidden settings will be stored on the server and remain the same when changing devices.
  • Partner positions: All players can choose one of the available partner positions.
  • Room: Reduce room creation and entry time, room owner can choose to set a room password.
  • Zombie: After updating Zombie mode: The dark night will temporarily close.

New feature in the game PUBG Mobile 0.14.5

New weapon: MP5K

MP5K is a submachine gun only available in Vikendi maps. MP5K uses 9mm bullets, with a default magazine capacity of 30, which can be upgraded to 40. Each bullet deals 33 damage, an estimated 495 damage per second.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 8

Has an effective range of 300m with a rate of fire of 900 rpm, warhead velocity is 380m / s. The gun has three shooting modes: Auto, Burst and Single.

New medium:

  • Zima car: A new vehicle appeared on Vikendi map, the maximum speed is about 115 km / h and can carry 4 people. You and your teammates can drive and attack the enemy more easily.
Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 9
  • Snow Bike: The appearance of the Vikendi snow island, with a much faster travel speed than other vehicles.
Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 10

Improvements to Royale Pass Season 9

  • Open the countdown timer: Before the start of the season, an additional countdown starts the season at the Royale Pass entrance.
  • Error entering loyalty card: Bonus page has more entrance to the Royala Pass points card.
  • Sharing page: Upgrading Royale Pass will have an exclusive sharing page.
  • Upgrade reminder: The free Royale Pass reminder page will display the status of your friend’s purchase of Royale Pass.
  • The gift request feature opens within the first 7 days of the new season, after which time requests that have been submitted but not yet confirmed will expire and players cannot submit new requests.
  • Optimize overall interface bonus, tasks, exchange rewards, rankings.
  • Design interface shows instructions on the left of the new bonus page.
  • More information reminds the weekly quest inventory.
Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 11

Some optimizations

  • Add weekly reminder to open chests.
  • Duplicate movements can be conducted in the repository.

Some bug fixes

  • Fix the bug after the vehicle expires, still showing the vehicle expired.
  • Fixed the issue of not placing newly received items on the first position in the item tab.
  • Fix error of not displaying expressions when clicking directly on the expressions page in the Store.
  • Correct the status of unlocking backpack RP.

New features in the game PUBG Mobile 0.14.0

New Zombie mode

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 brings a new Zombie mode, this is an unequaled PVP game mode. When the game starts, some players will become zombies, the rest will be on the human side.

Humans can use guns, zombies only use melee and skill. When a Zombie is destroyed, it can be revived unless it is killed by a sword of the exterminator, and the person killed by a Zombie will become a Zombie.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 12

If all humans are infected, Zombie wins. If mankind survives within the allotted time, mankind will win. Moreover, players can also set up custom buttons and instant chat for Zombie status, and room cards will support creating this Zombie mode room.

New character system

All players get free Victor characters, Victor owns exclusive legendary Conqueror costumes , and fast reloading skills for SMG weapons. However, this skill is only valid in Infinity mode, does not affect Rank mode.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 13

Victor also has level settings, participating in battle to receive EXP. Every time you level up 1, you will receive the corresponding reward. Upon reaching level 10 (maximum level) will receive a special reward: MVP result symbol, EXP, draws of high class Character Chests, with many rare rewards.

Adjust daily tasks

The number of daily quests is reduced and simplified. In PUBG Mobile 0.14, daily tasks will be randomly assigned, with the option to change if the player finds it difficult. Players can also replace any daily quest with other random quests, but can only be done 3 times per day.

Expansion resource pack

Optimize the size of the Android package, add an extension resource pack, a few unused resources will be added to the extension resource pack, when you download a new package, it will display normally.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 14

Main Menu topic

PUBG Mobile 0.14 launches a new Pirate theme, along with the Global Treasure event, for players to search for hidden treasure pirates, collect Gold / Silver / Bronze Compass in exchange for attractive rewards.

Some achievements add Stage V and bonus

  • Forged battlefield V: Reach the first place.
  • Fun moments V: Accumulate to complete 800 games of entertainment mode.
  • People who like classic V: Accumulate complete 1000 battles in Ranking mode.
  • Infinity strategy (I – V): Accumulate to complete 5/20/50/100/200 battles of infinity mode.
  • Persistent V: Log in continuously for 60 days.
  • Proficient at attacking V: Using an assault rifle to take down 2000 people.
  • Sniper expert V: Use a sniper gun to kill 1,000 people.
  • Proficiency in shotgun V: Use a shotgun to kill 1,000 people.
  • Proficiency in SMG V: Use SMG to take down 2000 people.
  • Proficiency in melee V: Use melee weapons to lower 200 people.
  • Proficient in pistol V: Use pistol to lower 200 people.
  • Death knocked on V’s door: Kill accumulated 2000 people.
  • Collector V: Head shot cumulative 200 people.
  • Ambulance V: Rescue allies accumulated 500 times.
  • Predator V: Defeat 20 in 1 Ranked mode battle.
  • Chicken barrel V: Win 50 times.
  • Excellent PUBG V: Get cumulative SSS reviews 50 times.
  • Epic V Item: There are 100 different permanent epic sets.
  • Fashionable Myths (IV): There are 1/5/10/20/50 different permanent fantasy outfits.
  • Interacting V: There are 120 friends in the game.
  • Cooperative combat V: Team up with friends 1000 times.
  • Santa V: Give you a gift 100 times.
  • Attention Center V: Get accumulated 6000 likes.
  • Fun training V: Complete 1000 times of Club training.
  • Shopping V fans: Cumulative consumption of 1,000,000 BP
  • Perfectionist V: Reaches the maximum level in 6 consecutive seasons.
  • Bounty Hunter V: Complete 1000 Pass quests.
  • Open sesame V: Open accumulate 100 Ultimate Ark.
  • Unique fate: Get 6000 achievement points.
  • Veteran warrior (I-III): Achieve 2/4/6 any achievements: Proficient in attacking V, Expert in sniper 5, Proficient in shotgun V, Proficient in SMG V, Proficient in melee V, Thanh Master the pistol V.

Optimize rotation

  • Add a red dot when drawing free prizes, and adjust the error of not creating a new interface when drawing free prizes.
  • Add item preview feature, click the item icon to display the default.
  • Add transitional directives in redemption store, when first open the interface, written directives. When you receive a sufficient number of redeeming coins, there is a directive for the player to forward to the store.
  • Optimize the action of changing the maximum number of bonuses at the rotation interface. When pressing the maximum, will be rewarded according to the maximum number of items.
  • Optimize the logic using the reward exchange trend.

Improved interface

  • Improved airstrike on low-end phone devices.
  • Adjust the interactive interface in the repository to make it easier to use.

Other optimization

  • Optimize wear outfit: When wearing a new outfit, if identical to the current outfit, will automatically remove the same outfit.
  • Optimize Shop floor: When changing a new store floor, there will be more lighting effects, adjusting the rotation angle.
  • Optimizing the Arsenal background: Add aura, change the background, highlight the player’s weapon
  • Optimizing Mobile Cabinet: If the button is not operated for a long time, it will automatically collapse the UI. Add a button “Cancel changes”, help players restore settings before changing.
  • Optimize the display of coupons: Increase recognition.
  • Optimize the experience of opening the inventory: Improve the interface of displaying rare items, adjusting the probability of displaying the inventory, increasing the display of text.
  • Optimize the chart: commensurate with the overall style.
  • Optimize your party and set up your friends: See the avatar of some friends on the party board in the Lobby, expand the interface to see the friends button.
  • Shop / Supply Optimization: New background changes, optimization of item icons optimization, adjustment of some information and button positions.
  • Optimized display of inventory information: All boxes with the “Protection protection” mechanism will display the icon to the left of the draw button, introducing reward protection mechanism. If the protection mechanism is activated during activation, there will be corresponding instructions.


  • Fix errors related to climbing.
  • Fixed a bug where characters were trapped in buildings.
  • Sorry half-body Zombie stuck in the wall.
  • Fixed an issue where the avatar image of a social network account cannot be changed when linking an account.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the character backpack at the lobby interface.
  • Correct errors in the name part is misleading in the Association.

New feature in the game PUBG Mobile 0.13

This new version brings players a lot of impressive changes and can be said to be breakthrough, making the game more and more attractive. Some changes that we can experience in this version are:

Team Deathmatch – Play mode “Arena of life”

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 15
Team Deathmatch – Play mode “Arena of life”

If you’ve ever been fascinated with the FPS game listed in the classic Counter-Strike game , otherwise known as Half Life, then you will definitely feel PUBG Mobile 0.13 Team Deathmatch mode is quite familiar.

However, this mode also has some differences as follows:

  • Play mode “Arena of life” of PUBG Mobile 0.13 can be played with both options are TPP (third view) and FPP (first view).
  • Gamers will play in the form of 4vs4 PvP, each match consists of 2 teams (each side 4 people are randomly matched).
  • The two sides will fight and try to knock down the other player as much, as quickly as possible.
  • Each time the opponent is defeated, the player will receive 1 reward point.
  • The team that reaches the 40-point mark first or gains more points when the time is up (after 10 minutes) will win.
  • When defeated, players will be revived continuously to return to fight.
  • In this mode, because the map is quite small and to ensure quality, fairness, players do not need to loot items. Each side will have a revival point, where there will be available some weapons, bullets, weapons for guns to use immediately.
  • There is no healing item, but the character automatically heals continuously when attacked (after about 5 seconds).
  • In the middle of the map, there will be some stronger weapons and explosive grenades to increase the thrill of the game.

Change some Zombie in the old version

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 16
Add and replace new zombies

In this version, PUBG Mobile’s zombie mode has also been redesigned, specifically, there will be changes with some old zombies and new zombie additions , which are:

  • Zombie Mutant replaces G-Virus.
  • Paimen replaced Tyrant.
  • Skinner replaces Licker.
  • Zombie “worker” instead of Zombie “Police”.

These zombies have the same power, ability or even stronger than the old zombies, so you do not need to worry too much about the “boredom” of this mode.

Events, avatars and photo frames Godzilla

In addition to finding and receiving gifts from Godzilla’s Graffiti in PUBG Mobile , gamers of this action game also have the opportunity to receive extremely valuable and unique gifts from the game such as:

  • Monster photo frames
  • Fashion T-shirts with Godzilla images
  • Godzilla disguise

Even at some locations on the Erangel map, we can see the footprints, hear the growl and if you are more fortunate, you will be able to see Godzilla’s “walking” on the sea. night.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 17
Godzilla in PUBG Mobile 0.13

Adjust the Vikendi snow map

The Vikendi snow map is no longer safe, trace tracking has been officially applied in PUBG Mobile 0.13. Specifically, if you move into snowy areas, your footprints or tire tracks will no longer be covered with snow.

This will be a trace denouncing the position and movement of the player, so be very careful.

Some other changes

  • Add new Bizon weapons.
  • In PUBG Mobile 0.13.0, players were able to control climbing characters. However, this button will have to be activated in the settings.
  • Add MVP effect at the end of the match.
  • Upgrade anti-fraud system.
  • Added new Achievement system for Team Deathmatch game mode (Victory Legion – Alpha & Omega – T-800 – War Envoy).
  • Increased durability for equipment.
  • ….

New feature in the game PUBG Mobile 0.12

Version 0.12 appeared in Vietnam close to the holidays of 30/4 and 1/5, so there is some information that VNG will add, slightly change its version compared to the international version to suit people. play more in the country.

In addition, the main features remain the same, namely:

Additional new features called EvoZone:

The old Event Mode feature was renamed to EvoZone. Since this version, all special game modes (such as Zombie: Survive Till Dawn) and some other new game modes will be updated in this section.

Additional new game mode called Zombie Darkest Night:

Zombie: Darkest Night mode is a special game mode and has the most survival in this shooter. Instead of being able to travel comfortably all day, gamers can only go out to find weapons and food for themselves during the day. By night, all the outside air will be poisoned, and this is also the time when the undead appear continuously.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 18

Mode of Survive Till Dawn is added and changed:

  • Adding 2 new weapons:
    • RPG-7 anti-tank gun.
    • Pomegranate launcher crossbow.
  • Additional types of zombies capable of climbing (up walls and roofs), Extra
  • Jumping zombies and Zombie dogs are quite dangerous.
  • Use liquid Nitro grenades that can hold back Zombie.
  • Adding a Jungle Mag magazine will double the ammunition storage capacity for bullets. This magazine is only used for AR guns and can be found when players defeat some special Zombie.
  • Stun Grenades will stun zombies.
  • Flamethrowers will deal more damage.
  • Zombies in the new version will go slower if shot by a gun.
  • Add Survive Till Dawn quick chat message to the game’s Default and Classic voice packs.
  • Daily quests can be completed in Survive Till Dawn game mode.

Adjust the color of the gun center:

  • Users can access the Settings – Settings / Scope to adjust the color of the bull’s eye to their liking.
  • There are two colors (blue and red) for players to choose.

Follow matches of friends and friends in the team:

Just click on the icon to the right of any friend’s name in the list to be able to follow their match.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 19

Open new achievements:

  • Best Companion – The best companion.
  • Superstar – Superstar.
  • Winning Culture.
  • Adventurer – Explorer.
  • Until Dawn.
  • A Step Too Far.

New feature in the game PUBG Mobile 0.11.5

Major changes:

  • PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 or PUBG Mobile Season 6 will change the sound, namely the music that we often hear when in the lobby will be changed to Alan Walker’s On my way, creating a new and vibrant feeling. than when playing PUBG Mobile.
  • Starting in April, players can choose to play the game in the form of a package purchase. There will be two main packages, Prime and Prime Plus, which package will determine the amount of UC and RP that the player receives daily.
    Gamers can choose to register both packages if desired.
    New weapons:
  • PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 will bring users a new gun called G36C. G36C is an AR gun and uses 5.66mm bullets. G36C appears but not in the entire game, it will only be available on the Vikendi snow map and is a replacement for SCAR-L.
  • PUBG Mobile Season 6 will replace some of the old vehicles like Jeep, Dacia and Mini Bus and instead with some special vehicles and privileges for Sanhok map like Tukshai.
  • Players can view the RP rankings.
  • When an Elite Pass Plus is purchased, players will not only receive 25 Royal Passes as usual, but also receive additional rewards.
  • Weekly challenging missions will yield more rewards.
  • All rewards can be received with a single click.
  • Additional mechanisms to ensure benefits when opening chests. If the player spins a prize in the store repeatedly without winning the specified item, the player will receive an additional voucher. If too many times you cannot hit the item, you will receive a special achievement called “unlucky”.

Other changes:

  • Birthday party at Revival Island.
    Change weather effects more vividly in 2 maps Erangel and Miramar.
    Firework at the Resurrection Island.
    While fighting, you can receive Birthday gifts (Birthday cakes), go to the Store to exchange gifts.
    The “one-time use room card” in the guild store has been adjusted so players can buy it every 10 days.
    Added bonus photo avatar “Robot”.
    In addition, there are some other unclear changes on the zombie mode.

New feature in the game PUBG Mobile 0.11

  • This is the game mode that players all over the world and Vietnam have been looking forward to for a long time. In this mode, gamers playing PUBG Mobile not only fight with other players, but also have to fight with hundreds of aggressive zombies and have different levels of “cattle”.
  • These zombies and bosses are inspired by their partner Resident Evil 2.
  • Updated for the Quick Match mode (Quick Match) with the first appearance of the Sanhok map.
  • New weather effects on Vikendi map. This is a pretty and romantic weather effect when the player will be fighting in the night with the fanciful moonlight.
  • The lobby and game soundtrack are changed to the theme of the horror game Resident Evil 2.
  • Open works with the theme Resident Evil 2, helping players receive many limited and precious costumes.
  • Adjust shadow effect, optimize battery consumption and device temperature.
  • Upgraded terrain visibility for low-profile machines.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 20
Romantic weather effect – Moonlight of Vikendi map

New feature in the game PUBG Mobile 0.10.5

New weapon

  • MK47 Mutant: This is a 7.62mm gun that is highly appreciated for its long-range ability and firing speed. The maximum viewfinder that can be mounted on this gun will be x6. Although it is an AR weapon, it has many characteristics of a DMR with two basic modes of shooting: Single and 2-Burst Burst.
  • PP-19 Bizon: A submachine gun using 9mm bullets, which can be picked up anywhere on the Vikendi map.
  • G36C: An assault rifle, using 30-round magazine, magazine extended to 40 rounds, 5.56mm rounds, which can be picked up anywhere on the Vikendi map. Basic damage from 40 to 42 as with other 5.56mm guns.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 21

Weather patterns on Vikendi map

Map Vikendi has an area of 6 × 6, the context is located in Eastern Europe. Players will land on abandoned cities, covered with white snow, offering a completely new experience.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 22

Zombie mode

PUBG Mobile adds Zombie mode, a game mode that is no stranger to PUBG PC gamers. Allow players and their teams to survive before the fierce Zombie. In the lobby before entering the battle of the Erangel map, quickly running into the tunnel, will witness firsthand the interesting Zombie image.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 23

Tukshai car

Tukshai is the new transportation vehicle updated in PUBG Mobile 0.10.5. On the outside, Tukshai is quite old, with rusted paint and a scratched outer shell. Although Tukshai is slower than other means of transportation, it fits perfectly with the Sanhok environment.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 24

Other updates

  • Opening new pretty hairstyles for female characters.
  • You can choose from two types of Voice chat: Default Voice and Classic Voice.
  • Royale Pass with lots of gorgeous new items.

The main feature of the survival game PUBG Mobile for Android

  • Defeat all enemies to become the last survivor.
  • Classify matches into solo (solo) and team matches (4 people)
  • Diverse weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, snipers, grenades …
  • Customize character appearance according to clothing and shoes.
  • Transportation varies from cars, motorcycles, helicopters, ships, canoes …
  • PUBG Mobile possesses extremely sharp graphics, impressing from the beginning.

Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android .APK 25
Select and customize characters in PUBG Mobile.

When playing the PUBG Mobile version, you will feel like joining a real war, not necessarily a survival. You will face terrorist warships, helicopters, bombs in dangerous places … All are quite new never seen on PUBG PC.

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