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Invite your friends to join the world or prepare yourself to fight alone in the fast-paced, free-to- go free platform shooter Project Zero Deaths for Android !

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Choose between 5 different characters with unique skills, upgrade and customize every aspect of warriors as well as combat weapons. Test your skills based on a wide selection of Team vs Team modes ranging from classic Capture the Flag, Bomb Delivery to exciting Payload or dramatic Ring Collecting.

Get ready for the thrilling emotions as you battle in a variety of maps with destructive environments and a variety of traps. Skillful gunner, prepare yourself the most advanced weapons, it’s time to shoot crazy in Project Zero Deaths game !

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Salient features of the game Project Zero Deaths for Android

Battlefield diversity

Fight alone or with friends in team-to-team multiplayer co-op mode. Team up with friends or other warriors from around the world to compete in super-fast online matches! Your skill is what makes the difference in this perfect F2P experience – only the best warriors will win!

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Dynamic environment based on physical mechanisms

Use every map to your advantage. Throwing grenades at enemies, destroying bridges under their feet, pushing enemies into black holes, blocking their path with heavy objects, etc.The physical environment is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal. your gas!

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Choose and customize a hero from 7 unique characters

Choose the warrior best adapted to your gameplay from the 7 unique characters of Project Zero Deaths for Android . Each of them has their own set of skills. Want to move faster? Rookie is always ready! Stealth is your favorite skill? Grouch will be a fitting warrior! Like to demolish? B-Man is waiting for your order!

Choose the right weapon from the Project Zero Deaths Android’s extremely diverse arsenal and upgrade it to suit your gameplay. From simple plasma guns, hand-held cannons to spearheads, Project Zero Deaths has all sorts of crazy weapons to please even the most fastidious warriors! Find your favorite weapon, then customize and upgrade your guns to increase their destructive power.

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Many attractive team modes

Prepare yourself to face a series of dangerous situations in 4 competitive game modes and 30 vast battlefield maps. Game Zero Project Deaths has 4 modes Team vs Team so you never get bored!

Collect rings and fight to protect your treasure in Harvest, steal flags and take them to your base in Capture the Flag, install bombs in enemy lair in Bombing Run and protect your armors on the way to base in Payload. Each game mode has its own unique map set, with a total of up to 30 maps!

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Regularly update new content

Game Zero Project Deaths for Android will regularly update many new content such as characters, weapons, maps and game modes to wait for players to explore.

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