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Meet Princess Libby again and her best friends in the simulation game Princess Libby’s Wonderland for Android . What adventure is waiting for them in this wonderland? Children, please explore it yourself.

Oh, a wicked witch enchanted every resident of the small forest and turned them into monsters, which really worried Libby and her friends. So they are finding a way to help these poor friends.

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Let’s explore the world of Princess Libby’s Wonderland – a wonderful combination of magic and imagination, where the children can find all kinds of mysteries and interesting challenges. How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? What is the secret to making fruit tarts and fragrances? And why did the hamster detective appear in this land?

Immerse yourself in the wonderland of Princess Libby’s Wonderland for Android and your baby will find all the answers to these problems. After completing a game, the children will be awarded some magic points, with them, they can exchange for sparkling items to beautify the princess.

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Salient features of the game Princess Libby’s Wonderland for Android

  • Lots of costumes and accessories to enhance the beauty of the princess in any way she wants: Forget old fashion styles. Use your baby’s creativity to give the princess a gorgeous and new look.
  • Unlock many items with the points you earn yourself: Every time you complete a side game, your child will get bonus points. The more points you earn, the more new objects you’ll receive.
  • 10 great mini games for kids to explore freely: Many different types of games will totally fascinate your baby. Try your best to complete the mission and get high scores.
  • Many great scenes create a real fairy world: Play Princess Libby’s Wonderland Android and be set to magical places to fulfill the princess’s dream.
  • Capture sweet moments by taking pictures and hanging them on the wall: Take photos with the princess or cute animals in side games.
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Introducing the Libii developer

With over 1 billion downloads and counting, Libii is committed to creating innovative and suitable games for children of all ages. The desire of the manufacturer is to make families happy and bring the happy atmosphere to children with healthy fashion games , highly interactive and boosting the imagination of children like Princess Libby’s Secret Garden , Hair Fashion , Princess Salon 2 , Sweet Princess Makeup Party , Tina’s Diary: Star Fever , Princess Libby’s Perfect Beach Day , …

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Princess Libby’s Wonderland for Android is a free downloadable application for babies. However, some additional items in the game need to be purchased with real money to unlock. Therefore, if the user does not want to use these items, please disable in-app purchases at the device’s settings.

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