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Pokémon Masters is a brand new game in the Pokemon series. Instead of collecting and building a squad of beasts like Pokemon GO , you will form a team with 3 hobbyists and their Pokemon, joining fierce team battles.

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Start a new adventure in the Pokemon world, explore the all-new Pasio island in Pokémon Masters !

Basically, the main story of this role-playing game is still the same as many other Pokemon games. You play as a zookeeper and have the task of sending your army of monsters to battle to win. However, instead of focusing on the journey of exploring the world and recruiting yourself for many different types of Pokemon to form a huge collection, in Pokémon Masters mobile , each trainer will associate with a Pokemon to form a “synchro pair” and together become the champion.

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Download game Pokémon Masters for Android

Players will form a team of 3 coaches and each person owns a unique Pokemon that can be swapped. Afterwards, bring them into the tournament with 3vs3 battles held on Pasio called the Pokémon Masters League, attacking the opponent’s weak points to deal massive damage. Your goal is to become the champion when fighting the famous zoo and set up a dream team on the path to conquer glory.

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Here, fans will meet a lot of familiar characters in the Pokemon series like Brock and his colleagues Onix, Misty and Starmie or Red and fire friend Charizard. The more you play, the more characters you unlock so they can accompany them in battles. There are 65 synchronized pairs for gamers to unlock when the game officially launches.

The battle system in Pokemon Masters is a familiar turn-based fighting style. Each Pokemon will have a special move to use when it is the trainer’s turn. In addition, players can combine abilities when playing co-op mode with other people or AI opponents, or evolve Pokemon to a higher level after completing a difficult chapter. In particular, the monsters in Pokemon Masters are not limited in physical strength, allowing gamers to experience for hours without consuming items or waiting for recovery.

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Co-op with friends all over the world

In this co-op game, 3 players will join forces to fight for more fun, exciting battles. Work together to enjoy the victory together.

Request for proposal:

  • You should play Pokémon Masters on devices with a minimum RAM of 2GB.
  • Should use operating system 7.0 or higher.
  • Operating system Android 5.0 or higher / 64 bit.
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Not all devices that meet the above requirements are compatible with the game. It is possible that on some models, the game does not work properly due to the capacity, specifications or some other conditions of the device. Pokémon Masters may also not be compatible with the latest operating systems.

The game was officially launched on August 29. Right now, you can download Pokémon Masters to your Android phone and experience.

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