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Pocket Knights 2 for Android is an RPG combining unique card collection on Google Play with a lot of rich content.

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Download strategy game Pocket Knights 2 for Android

Pocket Knights 2 is a thrilling 3D ARPG game from developer Pitaya Network Limited. Discover hundreds of fascinating missions and countless interesting activities in the game:

  • Choose from over 100 heroes from different positions and roles.
  • Combine unique heroes to unleash awesome skill combos.
  • Craft powerful equipment to power up your character.
  • Gather legendary heroes to confront terrible bosses.
  • Loot hidden treasures in various battlefields.
  • Expand the mysterious territories.
  • Master the arena to overcome the strongest enemies.
  • Discover legendary equipment in the mysterious battlefield.
  • Challenge other players in the PvP arena to win great rewards and achieve high positions on the online rankings.
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In the card game General Pocket Knight 2 for Android , players can build an army of the strongest warriors and change, arrange characters into many different squads to create tactical depth in battles. .

The game gives you a perfect experience on mobile devices. Players can fight with powerful enemies on their own by applying stunning skills and performing highly strategic attacks. Battles in Pocket Knight 2 Android will be more complex than traditional ARPG games. You need to upgrade your personnel, arrange the hero position flexibly to control the game better, such as tanks, support, DPS, …

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Outstanding features of the game Pocket Knights 2 for Android

Build a strongest army

  • Recruit and upgrade over 100 warriors of different positions to your army.
  • Combine and unite diverse hero characters to create unique skill combos.

Customize your strategies

  • Devise clever and effective tactics to defeat the strongest opponents.
  • Arrange the positions of the heroes strategically to support other warriors in time.
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Collect the most powerful weapons

  • Discover legendary weapons in the mysterious battlefields of the game Pocket Knights 2 for Android .
  • Upgrade weapons to improve your fighting skills and recover damage faster.

Join the live match

  • Control the battlefield, join a party or fight on your own to climb the ranks on the online rankings.
  • Gather valuable resources and form a team with players from around the world.
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Join the fierce arena to receive many great prizes

  • Rush into dramatic battles, defeating enemies for a chance to get lots of special equipment and weapons.
  • Search for hidden treasures and items on the battlefield.

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