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PlayClaw helps you capture vivid gaming moments in many high quality video formats (including audio), support multi-core processing, …

After installation and startup, the program icon will appear permanently below the system tray. To configure, right-click on this icon and choose Configure recorder . At the PlayClaw window, you go through each function group on the left and set the parameters corresponding to each function in the right column, specifically:

– Common : Common settings such as Interface language (language), Start minimized (minimize the setting window to the Taskbar when starting the program), Minimize to system tray (minimize the setting window to the lower system tray icon type), Start with Windows (start the program with Windows).

– Screenshots : Settings related to screen capture function when playing games, including Folder for images (storage folder for images), Hotkey (shortcut for starting the photography function), Format (image format) , Enable auto screenshot every (automatically takes photos every x seconds, where x is your choice).

– Videos : Settings related to video recording function when playing games, including Folder to save videos (video storage folder), Start / stop (key to turn on / off the video recording function), Pause (pause key for recording video), Cancel record (the key to cancel a recently recorded video), Compression (the level of video compression, the level of compression is proportional to the size and inversely proportional to the video quality), Frame size (frame size), Frame rate (frame rate), Cores (video processing multiplier), Capture cursor (including mouse pointer image), Enable pre-record, max buffer size (start recording video in x seconds, where x do you choose), Audio (mark the sound source you want to record with the video; if you want to record multiple sound sources at the same time, check the Multichannel Audio option first).

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– Overlays : Settings on the screen displayed during video recording, including FPS, AVI, Teamspeak / Ventrilo, GPU, CPU, Time.

– Benchmarks : The settings for evaluating the speed of processing the system, including Folder for benchmarks results (the folder that stores the evaluation information), Start / stop (the key to start the “grading function”), Stop benchmark after (stop the function “scoring” after x seconds, where x of your choice), Write per-second logs (automatically record the evolution of “scoring” every second), Counters (content “grading”, including FPS, GPU, CPU).

After setup is complete, minimize the setup window to the system tray. Want to record video, take screenshots, “rate” the system, … just press the corresponding function key set earlier.

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