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Pirate Kings for Android 7.3.0 – game pirate king once used to make young people sleep and restless now return. If you are a big fan of this blockbuster, then quickly download the game to your computer and experience it.

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Updated in the new Pirate Kings for Android

  • During the festive season, all items on the island cannot be destroyed
  • Item damage is still available
  • Bug fixes
  • Improve performance
  • The game is currently compatible with Android 4.0.3 and up

Download strategy game Pirate Kings 2.7.9

  • Play game Pirate King – Pirate Kings on the theme background of colorful Christmas.
  • Add chests containing valuable rewards for players to collect.
  • Share your gaming achievements on social networks.
  • Fix some other small errors.
  • Improvements in gameplay.
  • Supports all iPhone, iPad devices running iOS 7 and above.
  • Use the in-game support feature to report bugs or feedback about the game.
  • Requires device running iOS 7 or higher.

Pirate Kings for Android , roughly translated as the pirate king, attractive strategy game , easy to play and completely free for devices running Android operating system. This is considered a strange wind in the tactical game store with the gameplay that is too boring. This game is about tactics with the element of luck that is crucial when your method of making money and looting is mainly based on the spin of luck. You will own a pirate island, your task is to plunder and develop your island become mighty and modern. Attack your friends’ islands and steal all their gold and silver and build your own empire in the latest and equally attractive strategy game on Android phones and tablets.

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Join millions of barbarians in the Pirate Kings around the world and enjoy a light, fun, competitive and entertaining strategy game.

Pirate Kings is a fun, free multiplayer game where you use the potentially lucky spin to win a pile of gold, raid suddenly on the islands of your Facebook friends and plunder all. their money , and finally conquer, explore and build their own exotic and beautiful island. You play the role of a mighty pirate who conquers 7 seas, builds the island, and finally becomes the Pirate King! Don’t forget to become the Pirate King, you need to steal money from the richest robbers, attack their island and upgrade your own island – but beware, they can return to revenge. you anytime.

Don’t forget to connect to Facebook and enjoy the multiplayer mode with your friends. Compete with Facebook friends to become a sea king by attacking and stealing gold or silver from them or the millions of online players of Pirate Kings.

The main feature of the game Pirate Kings for Android

  • Free download and play
  • Unlock the vast and beautiful islands in 7 seas
  • Attack, defend and steal the assets of Facebook friends and millions of other pirates around the world.
  • Choose your own avatar and flag
  • Play non-stop with the lucky wheel offered every hour.
  • Mini game rewards every day
  • Play according to your ability! Spin the wheel if you like without any time limits
  • Hundreds of unique and many read items

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Pirate Kings is 100% free, but it still contains some items that can be purchased with real money to support the player (for example, buying more turns to not waste time waiting). Do not forget to login to your Facebook account to compete with your friends, rob their precious gold and silver and above all, receive 50 spins right away, double daily rewards, get 5 more stars, get 1 million gold coins right away and receive game notifications. To advance to the next level, players need to build islands using money from lucky wheels, stealing from friends and other pirates. Money was also used to repair the destroyed buildings on the island after being attacked by enemies. So visit the game regularly so you don’t miss any lucky spin.

As a strategy game with a gentle and entertaining gameplay, especially funny 3D graphics designed, funny, Pirate Kings is currently one of the top choices of Facebook gamers especially are female gamers. Download Pirate Kings for free and play right on your mobile device.

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