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Pikachu Classic for Android is a fun office game with eye-catching gameplay that is super easy but also very addictive. If you’ve ever been fascinated with finding the same Pokemon image on your PC, it’s definitely hard to miss Pikachu Classic for Android.

Download Pikachu Classic for Android .APK 1 Back to childhood with the fun game Pikachu Classic

Download funny Pikachu Classic

Pikachu Classic is classified as a simple, easy to play and suitable office game for all ages. If you are a player of the 8x, 9x generation, then surely remember the famous Pokemon animation film from the land of cherry blossoms. Its appeal has become an endless source of creative inspiration for game makers. And perhaps the first and most popular follow-up product is Pikachu on PC. Now, you can experience this childhood game on mobile when downloading and installing Pikachu Classic for Android to your computer. Still retaining the classic graphical style of the original, the player will meet the beasts with special powers and be trained, and at the same time, experience, the same pattern-finding gameplay is easy but difficult Incredible in Pikachu Classic for Android .

Instructions for playing

  • The main objective of the game is to remove all Pokemon pictures from the board
  • Touch the photos to select them
  • You can remove two similar shapes by connecting them with a straight line with 3 kinks
  • Delete all pictures before time runs out
  • 2 game modes: Easy and hard
  • More challenging levels than the original
  • 15 free levels with all movement directions: Move left or right, up, down, center and reverse
  • The difficulty level increases gradually with each level
  • Save and continue the game
  • Save phone battery
Pikachu Classic has similarly simple gameplay but is incredibly attractive. It does not require any superior skills. You just need to sharpen your eyes and quickly touch two identical Pokemon pictures so that they are connected by a straight line of no more than 3 kinks. To add to the fun, Pikachu Classic for Android limits lives. That is, each time the water goes out, you will lose a chance to stay at the current table. If all 10 networks have not been deleted, you must play from the beginning. Are you confident that you will destroy Pikachu as you did on PC? Click on the link below to download Pikachu Classic for Android for free on the Play Store, then install it on your device and find the answer yourself.

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