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PicsArt Animator 3.0.1 is a free and extremely simple animation application on Android phones. With this application, you can create funny animated videos without the need to draw beautifully or have superior technological knowledge.

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Turn ordinary images into real bullshit, fun

You wish to be able to create a very funny, giddy and funny video to give to your friends but “drawing hands” is limited and does not know how to use complex software. Want your ordinary photo to be special? So download PicsArt Animator to your Android phone right now and start creating!

Creating animations has never been easier with the help of PicsArt Animator for Android – the animated GIF creator and video maker designed to simplify operations and optimize features. This app can create animated videos or GIF animations in a flash without any complicated experience and is perfectly suited for Android 4.0.3 and above devices.

Video introducing PicsArt Animator application for Android

With PicsArt Animator for Android, users can create animations directly from any photo and make them come alive. Just scribble on the picture and watch PicsArt Animator turn those lines into a funny picture! You also need to be prepared to answer a series of “How did you do it” questions from your friends!

Previously, if you wanted to make a video or create an animation, you would have to resort to high-end software with complex usage. Put that thought into the past because PicsArt Animator has all the features that professional users can use.

PicsArt Animator allows cloning frames, layers, fully equipped drawing tools and many other features. Animator is the only app you need for making animated videos and animations. No need for complicated instructions about GIF images or steps to create cartoon images, you can still create a work like that or wonderful beyond imagination.

Whether it’s a selfie or an animated sketch drawing, PicsArt Animator can turn them into great works. The application is completely free to download! Do not miss this interesting experience!

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Use multi-layered animations for complex animations

Salient features of PicsArt Animator application for Android

  • Draw animation in a frame-by-frame fashion.
  • View timeline of animation with playback mode.
  • Use the management and mirror frames.
  • Paint freely on your photos and let the app turn them into vivid selfies.
  • Use advanced drawing and sketching tools.
  • Use multi-layered animations for complex animations.
  • Control the length and speed of animation.
  • Easily save as videos or GIFs and share them on social networks like YouTube , Facebook and Instagram .
  • Record and voiceover your animations

PicsArt Animator is 100% free and has no ads.

New feature

  • Fix errors that cause your existing works to be deleted.
  • If you use the Clean Master application and the application sends a request to delete the .Animator or .AnimatorData folders, click ” Do not agree ” otherwise all your animations will be deleted.

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