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PICNIC is a powerful photo editing application that helps create a cloudy blue sky for your outdoor shots. Whether it’s raining or cloudy, you’ll always get a stunningly beautiful photo thanks to the PICNIC app.

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Create effects of blue sky, white clouds easily with PICNIC application

When taking photos outdoors, for example at picnics or travel, do you know the weather is very important to the beauty – the bad of the photo? However, you do not always take pictures with the blue sky, white clouds and yellow sunshine. There will be days, rains and rain, gloomy clouds, and a gloomy atmosphere. It will make your photo less bright.

But thanks to PICNIC for Android photo editing software, no matter where you are, how the weather, you can still create beautiful photos. This app provides natural and artistic re-touch filters, completely changing the atmosphere and background of your photo.

Download the PICNIC blue sky generator app for Android

Users can take photos directly with the camera of the application or take photos available in the library and edit. You can choose between different types of sky, clouds and light to recreate the atmosphere and bring freshness and clarity to the image.

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Many unique re-touch filters for you to apply and beautify your photos

With PICNIC , you will always have the feeling that the photo was taken on a fresh morning in Santorini or in the romantic sunset in Paris.

So, never let unfavorable weather ruin your outdoor shot. PICNIC will turn a dull, gloomy day into a beautiful day in a blink of an eye. Even for those who are not good at photography, they can easily create a work of art and confidently show off on Instagram thanks to PICNIC .

Permissions require access

PICNIC only requires access to the necessary rights, including:

Required permissions:

  • Write to external memory: To save images after taking and editing.
  • Read external memory: To open images.
  • Camera: To take photos.

Optional permissions: Location access: To record the location of a photo.

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