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Create interesting photos from your photo library. Deceive everyone by adding beards and changing the original photo with the My Fake Look for Android app. Create collages from photos in the camera. In addition, you can also change anyone’s face and save this new photo and share them via Facebook , Twitter , email, ….

Apply effects to the photo itself:

  • Snow effect.
  • Falling leaves effect.
  • Rainfall effect.

Add frames to your photos. Select a photo frame and apply to the photo. Users can change their entire face or just a part: eye color, mouth, nose, hair, add a hat or other actions. Besides, you can record on your photos or draw something.

My Fake Look is a free application that allows users to add interesting details to their photos. With simple steps and easy controls, users can create their desired photos very quickly without any problems.

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Maybe you own boring photos and want them to be more interesting. Therefore, users have the ability to use these original photos and turn them the way they want.

The use of this application is based on 3 simple steps, can be monitored right on the main screen: LOAD , EDIT and SHARE corresponding to Download, Edit and Share. Take a picture or use a photo already on the device. Adjust color, brightness and saturation, as well as enlarge it if desired.

Add facial elements such as skewed hairstyles, huge lips filled with interesting, decaying teeth, all of which can adjust color and style. Users can also turn themselves into an extremely beautiful man or woman. There are many hairstyles, hats, glasses, eye-catching eyes, nose and mouth to choose from.

Feel free to draw directly on photos, adding your own personal touch. In addition, you can also write on photos with different khkasc fonts. Complete artwork with moving effects like rain, snow or falling leaves.

In the case of using many elements on a work, you can use the layer button in the top right corner. Using this button, users will quickly access an item on the screen and edit it without changing or moving other items.

When a step is taken incorrectly, the user can undo the previous action. Very simple. You can go back or move on to the previous step, all to ensure that you will not lose interesting details when editing.

Another option is to add frames to the image. The interface of the photo will become more interesting. There are many interesting types of frames to choose from. If you are still not satisfied with the current wig, mouth and nose, you can install the extra package to have more new and interesting options.

Exporting the image after finishing editing to social services or communication software is also very simple. Overall, a work of art is nothing if no one clicks on the like button. Do not keep interesting photos for yourself. Please share them on social networking sites.

New version of My Fake Look for Android:

  • Fix the bug in the previous update.
  • Reduce the size of the application.
  • Fix a few errors occur on some devices.

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