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Photo Warp + for Android is an extremely funny photo editing application on Android.

Distorting and funny images that change you and your friends are what Photo Warp + brings. This application will melt your face. All you need is a picture then bend, bend and distort it as you like; make yourself thin, or enlarge any part of your body. With Photo Warp +, you can also be an instant surgeon. Let your friends go crazy because their photos have been funny and vividly distorted.

As the next version of the famous Photo Warp application with more than 14 million downloads, Photo Warp + is back with faster image processing speed, more functions and on a completely new user interface.

Take photos, then bend, stretch, make them deform to create the funniest frame possible.

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Key features of the application:

  • Save high resolution images
  • Animation for photos
  • Use drag, zoom in / out to edit detailed photos
  • New, more intuitive user interface
  • Improved speed, smoother interaction
  • Face bend tool (moves pixels around when dragging the cursor
  • Drag and enlarge tool (move pixels up or away from the center of the brush)
  • Unique regenerative brush (can set image as the original image when drawing wrong)
  • Tool rotates clockwise or counterclockwise (rotates pixels around the center of the brush)
  • Set brush size and intensity
  • Use any photo to distort – photos taken with the camera or photos from photo albums
  • Save photos to device or SD memory card
  • Share photos online
  • Support SD memory card installation

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