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Photo Editor by Aviary is a perfect photo editing application for Android 4.0 and above devices. With over 50 million downloads on the app store, this is rated as one of the best image processing tools on the mobile platform. Currently, this application is also available on iOS devices, users can download here to experience.

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Aviary is a powerful image processor that allows users to create perfect images, simply and very quickly. This application is integrated with all the basic image editing tools , comes with some advanced features for professional photographers. Owning friendly and eye-catching interface, Aviary will definitely bring you interesting experiences.

Update new feature of photo editing application Aviary for Android

  • Add more beautiful photos in the Discover section.
  • See step-by-step photo editing instructions and find the tools and materials you need.
  • Fix some minor errors.

Aviary includes many interesting features such as taking photos, correcting white teeth, removing unwanted objects, sharpening dark areas, including contrast, saturation, brightness or image darkening. photos, correct the brightness of the background, correct errors in low-light areas, balance colors and tones as well as provide automatic image quality improvement. Users can drag images, insert text or add funny stickers to it. All of these tools are completely free; However, with premium effects and sticker packages, you will have to pay a small fee to fully experience through the IAP packages built right into the application.

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Key feature of photo editing application Aviary for Android

  • Improve the image quality automatically with just one touch.
  • Collection of eye-catching effects and frames.
  • Interesting sticker system.
  • Equalizer with many colors.
  • Basic image editing features: crop, rotate, and expand images.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation.
  • Adjust sharpness and blur.
  • Tilt Shift feature to turn photos into a miniature world.
  • Color Splash to color, change colors for images.
  • Create memes according to your style.
  • Synchronize and restore resources with Creative Cloud.
  • Vietnamese Support.
  • Some other tools like red-eye correction, removing unwanted lines, whitening …
  • Add presets for the Enhance options: Hi-Def, Scenery, Food, Portrait and Night.

Some other additional features:

  • Adding many new effects, with 12 effects to use for free.
  • Images created with high resolution.
  • Drag and drop to customize the editing toolkit.
  • Scroll through the recently edited photos on the view as cover images from the home screen.
  • Click and hold the images on the home screen to see options (including deleting images from the device).

Information from developer:

  • During use, if you have questions or any suggestions, users can send to the developer at email [email protected]
  • Aviary requires permission to access android.permission.INTERNET (to report bugs), android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (to save edited images), android.permission.VIBRATE (some interesting effects Other locations), Android.permission.NFC (Share images via NFC – Near Field Communication right on the home screen).
  • Aviary is currently a member of Adobe .

Overall, Aviary is a perfect photo editing application and brings more benefits than you imagine. Free and very useful are the additional reasons for deciding to download the application for you.

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