Download Photo Deformer Plus for Android APK

Photo Deformer Plus is an extremely useful tool, giving users the ability to create caricatures and fun pictures to satisfy their creativity.

With Photo Deformer Plus, creating a caricature of your friends’ photos has never been easier. Just select the photo you want to convert, Photo Deformer Plus will automatically detect the face and its parts to provide the ability to create a perfect caricature in one touch.

Users can choose Manual mode to edit and create caricatures in the most complete way. Despite being one of the newly launched photo editing applications, Photo Deformer Plus has everything users need to create funny images whenever they want.

This application is easy to use and intuitive. Users can select the photos they want to convert and Photo Deformer Plus will do the rest for them. This is a very easy to navigate application and includes a complete user guide for amateur users.

Once the image is converted, users can share their works with friends and family via social networks Facebook , MMS or via email.

Whether you want to change your image and create caricatures, Photo Deformer Plus will allow you to do everything without any restrictions. With Photo Deformer Plus, everything will be at your fingertips.

Main feature:

  • Automatic facial recognition and caricature creation very quickly
  • Manual mode for advanced caricatures
  • Download or upload photos to Facebook
  • Support multi-touch
  • Provides 7 deformation tools
  • Camera support
  • Save the caricatures by different names
  • Save caricatures as GIF format
  • Send caricatures by mail or MMS

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Check out the introduction video of Photo Deformer Plus application below:

Good girl. Good boy

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