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Philm for Android – Turn photos and videos into cartoons

Philm is a powerful, simple and free photo editing application. This software will turn your ordinary portrait photo into a great painting or turn a video into funny, interesting cartoon clips in a blink of an eye.

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More than 100 filters and unique stickers to change the style of your photo

Have you ever wanted a selfie like a picture painted by artist Van Gogh? Do you want to turn your pet dog into a comic book character? Or make your daughter’s bale dance class look like a painting by famous artist Degas? With Philm photo editing software, everything can be done easily.

Philm for Android is a photo editing / video editor application that turns your photos and videos into a work of art. This software has the same function as Prisma application but possesses 3 outstanding advantages , including:

  • More diverse and richer artistic filters, allowing users to have more options. All are provided for free.
  • All filters are immediately applicable and allow users to view them directly before saving. Does not take long to wait to see the effect.
  • All photos and videos are processed inside the phone and nothing is uploaded to the cloud, thus, ensuring privacy and comfort in the user.

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Application integrated powerful editing tools

Philm also has more than 500 super cute stickers that allow users to add photos or videos. For example, if you put a heart-shaped sticker on a dog’s head in a video that the dog runs around, the app will automatically identify the dog’s target and adjust the sticker that follows the movement of the subject in video.

Download Philm for free now and change the way you take photos in boring, turning ordinary photos and videos into interesting works of art. Then, share them on social networks to show off to your friends and make them have to be surprised by “O-mouths”.

New feature

  • Replace watermark.
  • Diverse ornament.
  • Add optional removal function.

If there is anything unsatisfied, please send feedback to the publisher at [email protected] .

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