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PHHHOTO is a specialized photography application that can take pictures on the move without losing quality, and helps to create animations (GIFs) easily and quickly. You can also share animations from PHHHOTO to all different social networks to show off to your friends.

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Snap photos quickly and share on social networks easily

Animations, or GIFs, are now an important part of Internet culture. Not just still images, nor heavy videos, GIFs both convey the movement of the object, solve the size problem, and help share easily on websites. society.

In fact, creating moving images is not a new graphic technique. There are also GIF and Flash programs that can create animations from still images in the past. However, the process of creating animations is quite complicated and not everyone has enough skills to perform.

Recently, a new GIF creation application was launched on Android and welcomed by many young people as PHHHOTO , allowing users to take photos while on the move without losing image quality. Besides, the application also works as a social media tool because you can use it to share animations on different social networks.

PHHHOTO can be called the next generation of social networking based on photography. Instead of simple, still images, PHHHOTO can create GIF animations within a second to share with the world.

More specifically, Phhhoto is not just an application that creates repetitive animations. It is also a social network like Instagram and Snapchat , where users can post or view photos of others. Photos shared on social networks Phhhoto are only created from the app itself and do not allow posting photos from gallery or camera roll, helping inspire users to constantly create new content for the background Social platform to share with everyone.

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Share GIF images on social networks PHHHOTO for everyone to admire

In terms of how it works, Phhhoto social networks are similar to other photo social networks. It offers simple filters available for photo editing, allowing users to like, comment on posts as well as share videos or follow the page.

How to use the GIF creating application PHHHOTO for Android

Just click the Download button above, you can download PHHHOTO completely free of charge and the software will automatically install. The dedicated dynamic camera will be activated as soon as the installation is completed. The user can then use it as a regular camera.

If you want to record any moment, click the shutter button at the bottom of the screen. The application will automatically save photos in the camera roll in the machine, allowing you to freely share on your favorite social networks.

In addition, the latest version of this application allows users to create a free account with the PHHHOTO website. This site works similar to Instagram but it only allows uploading of animations created directly from PHHHOTO software itself.

The best features of the PHHHOTO app for Android

  • PHHHOTO provides a simple, easy-to-use animation camera and automatically loads when opening the application. The camera built into this app has no special setup requirements, so you can use it immediately after installation.
  • PHHHOTO software for Android can capture high-resolution animated images, even on the go. You can even capture a moving vehicle at high speed without the blurring of conventional cameras.
  • The app provides additional tools to support the camera, including a flash for low-light photography, and a timer option to help delay shutter operations. Besides, users can also flip the captured image and display the grid view.
  • 1/4 apps are developed as a social media tool. The application supports a number of social networks including Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter . You can also create an account on PHHHOTO’s website to show off GIFs taken by yourself.

Pros and cons of the PHHHOTO app on Android


  • Easy to use with simple tools.
  • Provide modern animation camera.
  • Take high quality photos when in motion.
  • Support for sharing social networks.
  • Allows uploading directly from the application.
  • Provides additional tools including timer, flash and grid view.


  • Lack of tools to customize motion speed.
  • There is no option of continuous shooting and cropping.

Overall, PHHHOTO is one of the best camera apps that can capture moving images. It uses a sophisticated animation camera with impressive image quality. If you want to change the style of photography, how to store moments, PHHHOTO is confident to bring more than what you expect.

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