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Help Pettson and Findus complete their inventions! In the puzzle game Pettson’s Inventions for Android , you need to support the old man and the lovely cat to make great inventions.

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Pettson’s Inventions is a useful educational app from developer Filimundus, which helps develop logical thinking and stimulate creativity for preschoolers. In the game, the player’s task is to find out which objects should be used and where is the right place to put them into the panorama, helping launch the invention. Drag and drop objects into place and watch machines begin to work!

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With each item correctly completed in Pettson’s Inventions for Android , the player will receive a reward as a gear. When all is completed, a special space invention will be unlocked, where you will help Findus the cat fly into outer space!

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Salient features of the game Pettson’s Inventions 3 for Android

  • There are 27 inventions, some are easy to implement, others are a little harder.
  • The game’s graphics system was designed by the “father” of the series Pettson & Findus – famous writer and illustrator Sven Nordqvist.
  • Friendly game interface for children.
  • There are no in-app purchases.
  • Contains no ads.
  • Option to play or not play with fake objects to adjust the level of difficulty.
  • The game supports the voice interface, including English, German and Swedish.
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Introducing the developer Filimundus

Filimundus is a Swedish studio game, famous for educational games to develop cognitive and intellectual for children such as Animal Fun Park , BRIO World – Railway or Inventioneers . Developers want to stimulate learning by providing rewarding interactive games that help stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. Filimundus wants to give children a new creative environment where they can freely develop through open-ended games.

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Filimundus does not track, analyze, or share user information in its games. For more information, please visit


Players can learn more Pettson’s Inventions 2 and Pettson’s Inventions 3 for more great inventions.

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