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Your beautiful photos will be saved in a utility application. Tool for Picasa helps you manage photos on Google and those photos stored on Picasa.

Using the app for the first time, users will have to sign in with their Google account or register with a new account. After logging in, you will see the application has a similar interface to Flickr , through which you can browse and find your favorite photos.

Main function:

  • Support uploading videos and photos.
  • Offline photo album.
  • Lock screen according to pattern.
  • Manage Picasa web albums.
  • Photo editing (add effects, red eyes, light, draw, …)
  • Slideshow of photos
  • Follow other Picasa users.
  • Resize photos before posting.
  • Search for photos on Picasa and public photos.
  • Support multiple Google accounts.

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Photos selected by Google Picasa: Displays all selected official Picasa photos as thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail to view photos in HD quality. Users can view the comments, save images to SD memory card or set as wallpaper. Hovering over the picture in enlarged form, you will see the next or previous photo, or zoom in / out to see the details.

Searching for photos: Users can search public photos of Google Picasa and save their favorite search queries. This is a highly customizable feature of this application, which saves queries like “wallpaper”, “megan fox” or “flower”.

Picasa albums on the web: Display Picasa albums on your web. Users can manage albums, photos with this tool on the phone. Browse the comments of the photos, add your own comments if desired. When you make any changes to your photo album via the homepage , the changes are promptly updated on your phone.

Followers: Get the latest up-to-date photos of the people you’re following on your mobile device or tablet. Users can add or view comments for that photo. Stay in touch with your friends or family on Picasa with this app.

Upload photos and videos: Browse photos taken with the camera or other photos / videos on SD memory card. You can upload groups of photos to Picasa album on the web. The tool provides various filtering functions and will remember newly uploaded photos, which is useful when it comes to distinguishing old and new photos.

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