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Perfect Slices for Android is a fast-paced fun action game from the developer SayGames, where you are tasked with slicing everything, from vegetables to solid gold to sell for money.

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The gameplay of Perfect Slices is simple: many foods will appear constantly on an endless cutting board, and you need to cut everything as quickly as possible. Although at first glance it looks very similar to fruit-slashing games like Fruit Ninja , Fruit Slice or Smoothie Swipe , the Perfect Slices game has one main difference – instead of slicing vegetables in the air, you will slice it. along the cutting board.

Download the game Perfect Slices for Android

The game starts immediately with the knife in your hand and the foods on the conveyor belt. Fulfill your goals by slicing vegetables with a knife, earn money and achieve high scores. Perfect Slices for Android has a very simple gameplay with quite easy screen play.

You do not need to devise any strategy in the game Perfect Slices fun , just constantly slicing and making money. The only obstacle is the strange obstacles that make you drop the knife, if that happens, the player will have to start from the beginning. When completing a table, gamers can unlock a reward or other vegetables.

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When completing a table, you can unlock a reward or other vegetables

The graphic effects and sound of Perfect Slices Android are also a plus of the game. Because there aren’t any complex controls, this is a perfect game to pass the time. Another unique feature of Perfect Slices is that the game has a lot of rewards that can be earned without having to do anything. Players are even allowed to unlock different knives randomly or use coins to buy them.

The only thing that annoys you is advertising. Many ads appear every 30 seconds. However, they offer rewards, double your money and help unlock new knives.

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Perfect Slices for Android is an extremely fun and perfect game to kill time

Outstanding features of the game Perfect Slices for Android

  • Easy driver.
  • Exciting and addictive Thai vegetable gameplay.
  • Simple but extremely fun game.

If you are the clumsy type but still want to know the feeling of slicing everything as a master chef, then Perfect Slices for Android is the perfect game for you.

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