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Panzer Panic for Android – Fight on the paper battlefield

Clever and creative, Handy Games has surprised players at first sight of Panzer Panic – its latest fighting game.

Gamers can think of fierce war scenes, epic 3D graphics when talking about a tank fighting game, but it’s hard to imagine the battlefield here is a piece of paper, bombs in This is the water level again.

In addition to the unique graphic design idea, Panzer Panic also “draws” gamers with the simple but attractive gameplay, the ability to simulate realistic physical effects. As the commander, you will be assigned three green tanks to fight against the very red army and battle.

Drag to move, swipe to shoot, take advantage of obstacles with interactive physics system to hide truth are the tips you need to memorize if you do not want to be lost in Panzer Panic.

In addition, gamers also need to hurry their eyes to get special rewards, which help improve their army’s fighting.

And finally, another plus point for Panzer Panic is that in addition to single player, the game also has a turn-based game mode. With this mode, two gamers can easily compete directly on one phone.

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