Download Panda Gold Protection for Windows

Panda Gold Protection is a perfect application, designed to provide users with powerful protection for their devices such as Android PC, Mac, phone and tablet. With it, you can access music files, photos and videos on all devices. Then, manage and share them with relatives and friends easily.

Panda Gold Protection

Main feature

Protect your computer against viruses, hackers and other threats

  • Protect your computer against all types of viruses and other malware
  • Protection against spyware
  • Prevent and prevent rootkits
  • Intrusion prevention by behavioral analysis
  • Scan USB
  • Anti-phishing websites
  • Provides personal firewalls and virtual keyboards for privacy protection
  • Bring a safe surfing experience
  • Manage local network and protect yourself from troubles from social networks

Protect family and identity

  • Control children to prevent them from accessing unhealthy content sites
  • Protection against online fraud
  • Detecting and blocking spam
  • Support for remote PC access
  • Identity protection for users

Value data protection

  • Backup and recover data quickly
  • Provides 20 GB of online storage
  • Set password to manage data
  • Support file encryption
  • Split file
  • Refine and optimize computers

Store, share and sync files

  • Backup contact list (iPhone, Blackberry, smartphone)
  • Automatically backup images to all your devices (tablet, PC, Mac, smartphone)
  • Sync photos and videos on all major platforms as well as devices.
  • Secure file sharing
  • Web-based dashboard will help you manage your device and synchronize data
  • Upload photos to social networks with just one click

System requirements

  • Processor type: Pentium
  • Processing speed: 300 MHz
  • RAM capacity: 128 MB
  • Hard drive capacity: 275 MB
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