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PaintLab is a free and powerful photo editing software that helps turn your photos into a beautiful work of art with smooth lines. With a variety of filters, PaintLab can turn images into cartoons, sketches of pencil art and more.

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Turn photos into art paintings with PaintLab software for Android

Photo Cartoon Camera – PaintLab is a photo editing tool that brings together all the features in one, from the leading developer who is the creator of the famous art photography application PIP Camera . From extremely ordinary photos, PaintLab can create hand-painted masterpieces, cartoons, pencil sketches, painting style pictures or cartoon style photos … Thanks to the beautiful filter diversity.

Besides, the application also integrates selfie camera and professional photo editor for Android. All to bring the best experience for users and create beautiful works to perfection.

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Amazing effects and filters help you create a perfect work of art

Today, when it comes to photo-turning software, many people probably think of Prisma , Sketch Guru , Everfilter , CoolArt or Painnt … However, the special feature of each software is in the series. filter that they own. There are software specializing in converting pictures into sketches, others convert images into cartoon, painting …

But with PaintLab, you can do all that. This app gathers all the most popular, great filters that meet the needs of photo editing of users. Tools include modern art filters, painting art, popular art, cartoon filters, cartoon pictures, Christmas filters and dozens of filters for other beautiful selfies.

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Quick, simple photo editing with just one touch

Each filter in PaintLab brings a different unique interest, turning your photo into a masterpiece, as done by a talented hand of the famous artist.

More specifically, this software is also voted as the best application on Google Play in some countries.

Salient features of the PaintLab application on Android

  • Unique Christmas theme filter art.
  • Set of beautiful artistic effects and filters to create cartoon, sketch or popular art paintings …
  • Built-in wonderful HD camera helps create beautiful selfies with Photo Collage Maker, a layout and grid.
  • Gather all popular filters in a single application, including cartoon filters, art painting effects, modern filters, pencil sketch effects and more.
  • Beautiful photo editor: Perfect and stylish selfie filters with color mixing filters …
  • Powerful selfie camera, dual exposure, glamorous, glamorous layer, fast shutter speed and blending filters.
  • Super easy-to-use photo editor with Photo Frame Blur, Layouts Blur and Vignette Blur.
  • Elegant, simple and beautiful user interface design.
  • Turn your photo collection into a great photo gallery.

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See art masterpieces created by PaintLab

Diverse filters, gorgeous

  • The manufacturer integrates a multitude of filters and effects in PaintLab, easily turning your photos into paintings.
  • Powerful professional image editing, a selfie camera to help you take a beautiful selfie picture.
  • Dozens of filters in many different art styles such as Christmas, sketch, animation for you to apply to photos.
  • Turn your collection into a photo gallery.

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The photos become perfect paintings made by talented artists

Professional selfie camera

  • Strong face recognition and fast image capture capabilities.
  • Many filters for selfies with gorgeous beauty.
  • Collage directly, apply layouts, and take photos using grid layouts right into the shot
  • Powerful image retouching tools like frame blur, layout blur, and texture blur.

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Perfectly beautiful artwork of every detail

Simple user interface, easy to use and one-touch operation

Steps to take and edit photos on the PaintLab application include:

  1. Take photos directly from the camera or choose photos from the gallery.
  2. Choose favorite art filter and apply.
  3. Edit and retouch photos: add frames, blur details …
  4. Save it to the photo gallery and share it on social networks to show off to your friends.

Share artwork to impress friends.

Share unique works made from PaintLab on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and attract the attention of the community.

New feature

Update to add new art filters.

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